Idea Of Cost to Install Sump Pump Discharge Line Included

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One of the most horrible plumbing disasters has to be including the sump pump and its discharge line. And if that pairs up with a damaged sewage system or maybe rusted pipe, then you’re going to pay a pretty big bill getting things sorted.

Unfortunately having a plumbing fiasco often leads to certain replacement and installation. Because cleaning the mess isn’t always achievable without getting a part replaced. And the cost is by far one of the most important concerns.

Today, let us give you some idea of the cost to install sump pump discharge line included when things like this happen.

Here’s The Cost to Install Sump Pump Discharge Line Included.

The cost can vary on your situation. However, in general, to get a sump pump installed will require you to spend from 600 to 2000 dollars. So, we can say it’s on average around 1300 dollars.

Now keep in mind, there are several types of sump pumps. And that will also decide the actual specific spend you’ll have to go with. If you are considering the cost to replace sump pump discharge pipe as well then it will be higher obviously. Let’s have a look at the cost factor based on the type of sump pump. 

Pedestal Sump Pump.

Pedestal Sump Pump

If it’s a pedestal sump pump your trying to install, then get ready to spend at least 80 to around 200 dollars for only materials. And this includes the pedestal top motor as well as the hose of draining.

Basically, both the pump and hose are in charge of drawing the water out, so clearly these are unavoidable costs. And if you are looking for maybe occasional minor flood handling, then a moderate power motor should be enough. Because of the pedestal raising to work usually, these are pretty affordable actually.

Submersible Sump Pump.

Now this one is a tad bit more costly in comparison to the pedestal tape. And that is why you would have to expect to pay a bit more as well. Somewhere between 135 to 300 dollars will be necessary to get the motor alone.

And keep in mind, the thing will not be placed above the ground like a pedestal type. It’s a type that needs submerged installation, which means the unit must go beneath the surface.

There are sealing as well with this type for making sure the water never gets a chance to enter and cause any sort of problem to the motor. The unit consists of the pump as well as the motor. The installation will also require more time compared to the pedestal type for the very reasons.

Water-Powered Sump Pump

The type that absolutely depends on the pressure of municipal water and also needs zero electricity to run, is basically the water-powered sump pump. This one will need you to bear an expense of somewhere between 100-300 dollars, generally.

Most city residing homeowners prefer this one simple because that saves them electricity bills. However, keep in mind, this one has a pretty uncompleted pumping volume. And also, the installation usually takes quite a lot of time. This is why you may have to pay more for labor typically.

Battery-Powered Sump Pump

Battery-Powered Sump Pump

Next, we have the battery-powered sump pumps that would make you bear an expense of somewhere between 100-400 dollars. And keep in mind that this type needs electricity to run rather than any water suction involved mechanism.

The installation for this type is quite simple and straightforward. And so, you may not have to worry about paying a lot for labor costs. Maybe you can learn how to get it installed yourself to save that bit as well. But this usually suits people who have somewhat exercise with such home projects.

Combination Sump Pump

Finally, we have the combination sump pump. And this type basically combines all the good things together for adding an extra security layer so that you as a homeowner will have maximum peace of mind.

This one would be usually a primary sump pump along with a backup. This means there are fewer chances of malfunction-related issues. Keeping the benefits in mind, people consider the combination setup cost-effective actually. The installation cost would actually return to you with better value overall.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you install a sump pump yourself?

If you are a DIYer who has pretty much good experience in such home projects along with the energy to spend quite a few hours, then there should be absolutely no problem with it.

However, keep in mind that the entire drain tile installation along with the sump pump system fitting is quite a major job. And if you don’t feel confident enough in undertaking such projects, it’s best to leave things for experts.

How long do sump pumps last on average?

The installation of the sump pump along with the discharge line if done properly should last you at least 10 years. Depending on the quality of the unit, this period can be extended, however. You also need to have good maintenance habits.

Do sump pumps need maintenance?

Sometimes people look for the cost to install sump pump homewyse simply because they ignored to do some maintenance ritual. Proper maintenance is the key to keep your sump pump lasting for a long time.

This includes connecting and disconnecting the unit of power supply. Monthly cleaning is also often neglected. Simply because some people sidestep these basic needs, they later end up looking for outdoor sump pump installation costs preparing for a replacement.

Overall Thoughts 

And that were some thoughts on the cost to install sump pump discharge line included with a few notes that should help you hopefully. If you have a unit that needs a replacement because it’s too worn out, you should not keep it aside for later simply due to the overall cost.

The sump pump is an important equipment that your household might need. And not taking required repair or reinstallation steps may make things worse. Don’t be in that crowd of people.

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