7 Best Water Powered Sump Pumps Reviews, FAQ & Guide [2022]

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When the root is weak, the body cannot hold for long. The same goes for your house too. If the basement is not strong and sturdy, you cannot rely on the house to stand strong forever. And the basic reason that makes your basement weak and vulnerable is water!

Also, water in the basement might make you feel bad when you walk o your basement. To keep the root strong and keep the other stuff in the basement away from water, you will need a sump pump.

When it comes to the sump pump, the water-powered pumps are great as they don’t require a battery or electricity. And so, we have come up with the best water powered sump pumps on the market.

Go through the products and let us know which one seems to be the best for you from the list!

Best Water Powered Sump Pump

Best Water Powered Sump Pump with Comparison Table

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Liberty Pumps SJ10... Liberty Pumps SJ10... No ratings yet $226.50
2 Attwood 4140-4... Attwood 4140-4... No ratings yet $47.97
3 Zoeller 540-0005 FLEX... Zoeller 540-0005 FLEX... No ratings yet $209.99
4 Basement Sentry Water... Basement Sentry Water... No ratings yet $204.99
5 K2 Pumps ASP00001K Water... K2 Pumps ASP00001K Water... No ratings yet $67.99

Top 7 Water Powered Sump Pump 2022

1. Liberty Pumps SJ10 Sump Pump



  1. Constructed with PVC
  2. Comes completely assembled
  3. Capable of removing 2 gallons of sump water
  4. Accepts inlet supply pressure from 20-100 PSI
  5. 130F maximum fluid temperature
  6. Adjustable hose clamp
  7. Removable foot valve
  8. Built-in screen

If you want a compact design for your sump pump, you can rely on this incredible sump pump. The design of this sump pump is very compact and easy to bear. Though it is compact, the product has high efficiency. It is capable of removing more or less 2 gallons of sump water.

You can easily power this pump with the help of your municipal water supply. This device is completely automatic. On the other hand, it does not require any sort of electricity for the operation. The pumping performance of this device depends on the inlet water source pressure. Also, the pumping head is responsible for this.

It is capable of accepting the inlet supply pressure of 20 PSI to 100 PSI. This is also UPC approved and so, you will never get dishearten using this product. The best part is this sump pump has an adjustable hose clamp so that you can easily mount it. Also, the hose clamp is made of stainless steel for ensuring high quality.

Additional backflow protection is added for extra defense. Also, the built-in screen that is added with the removable foot valve is high-grade. You can rely on the quality of this product because this is constructed with durable PVC and there are no chances of damage at all!

The maximum fluid temperature of this product is about 130 Fahrenheit. On the other hand, it comes with a 2 years long warranty to make sure that you get a top-notch product with your hard-earned money.

2. Basepump RB750 Water Powered Sump Pump



  1. Constructed with high-grade material.
  2. Hydraulic float.
  3. Reliable valve system.
  4. Works with Radon Sealed System.
  5. Home water supply pressure required.
  6. No electricity or battery required.
  7. Alarm system available.

When it comes to the most reliable sump pumps of the market, the name of Basepump comes in always. Yes, this is one of the most trustworthy brands for purchasing sump pumps. Get this one only if you want a very powerful giant as a sump pump.

The best part is this is a water-powered sump pump. And in that case, you will never need batteries. The very problem with the batteries is they wear out. However, if you are dealing with this Basepump sump pump, you will never encounter the same situation because it is water-powered.

On the contrary, charging the sump pump is another difficulty we all go through. You will not need any charger or you don’t even need a monitor for this. This is simple and easy to use even for the inexperienced people!

Some people forget about the time always and for them, there is an option for alarm. If you want to settle a proper time, you can go for the alarm. In this case, you will require batteries as this alarm is battery powered.

In the list of the water-powered sump pump reviews, we have mentioned this for the alarm option. The alarm is important because it lets you know when to turn the pump on.  This sump pump works with the Radon Sealed systems.

For this, you will need 5-gallon water at the outside hose spigot. You can easily get it mounted on the ceiling. It needs water pressure from the water supply of your home. The materials that are used in the construction are high-grade. The valve system is reliable. On the other hand, hydraulic float ensures durability.

3. Basepump HB1000-PRO Sump Pump

Basepum High Volume Water Powered Backup Sump Pump with Water Alarm


  1. Highest pumping rate
  2. Brass shutoff valve
  3. Works with the help of water supply pressure
  4. No battery or electricity is required
  5. Backflow preventer with dual check valve feature
  6. Battery-powered alarm added
  7. Push-in pipe fittings
  8. Constructed with polypropylene

As we have already said, the company Basepump affords you amazing sump pumps and this one is also on that list. This HB1000-PRO premium pump has the highest pumping rate in the industry of the sump pump.

Yes, you heard right. When it comes to the pumping rate, you must be careful the rate because when the pumping rate is high, you get a better outcome. And in that case, this sump pump beats all other sump pumps of the market.

On the other hand, there is a backflow preventer added that includes a dual check valve. And so, it is checked twice for making sure that there is no backflow at all! The best thing about this water-powered sump pump is it does not require any sort of charging. And so, it is economic. Also, it requires no electricity at all. The water power supply pressure of your home is enough to power it and make it work!

For your security, there is an ALARM added with this sump pump. The alarm is battery powered and will save you when you think you will forget about your sump pump! There is a brass shutoff valve added with this kit too. Also, the push-in pipe fittings have the no-sweat feature. With the Radon Sealed Systems, this sump pump can work amazingly.  

You can easily mount this sump pump on the ceiling or go high above the sump too. It is capable of removing more water than the regular sump pumps of the market. On the other hand, the installation is simple for any person with the help of the booklet.

4. Zoeller 503-0005 Homeguard Max Pump



  1. Made with high-grade PVC
  2. Corrosion-resistant
  3. Works with the water pressure
  4. No electricity or battery required
  5. Float rod made of stainless steel
  6. Works even when the power fails
  7. Can remove 2-20 gallons of water

The most amazing fact about the water-powered sump pumps is they do not require any sort of electricity and they are powered by water. This makes the sump pumps economic. This sump pump by the Zoeller brand also doesn’t require any sort of electricity. So, you will see this pump working even when the power failure occurs.

If you have any existing sump pump, you will also be able to connect that with this and use it. In most cases, the companies do not afford you the ability to work with the different branded sump pumps. However, this brand affords you the ability to take the benefit of both branded sump pumps.

The interesting fact is this sump pump is non-corrosive. If you are worried about corrosion then you have to forget about it and stay worry-free! The reason behind this is this product is made of PVC. And PVC construction ensures that the product stays non-corrosive.

Also, the float rod that comes with this kit is stainless steel. As you are going to work with water, you should get products of stainless steel that do not get damaged in touch of water. This sump pump is capable of removing more or less 2 gallons easily. Every minute, this amazing sump pump will be able to remove up to 20 gallons of water!

5. Basepump RB750 Water Powered Sump Pump



  1. Made of high-grade material
  2. Backflow preventer added
  3. Goes with Radon Sealed Systems
  4. Hydraulic valve added
  5. Improved valve system
  6. Works with water pressure
  7. Made for ¾ inches water line

As we have already said, the name is enough for this brand. If you need a water-powered sump pump and you plan to get one from this brand, you don’t need to worry much. It is because this brand offers incredible sump pumps that the other brands cannot afford.

People that want a reliable yet very powerful sump pump can get this one. It is water-powered and so, you will never require any sort of electricity or batteries. Also, if power failure happens, your sump pump will still work!

The most interesting fact about this sump pump is the installation process. People who are new to this sector usually go through a lot of difficulties while installing sump pumps. However, the instruction guidelines along with the booklet are very easy to understand. However, you will need some decent handyman skills for this process.

The backflow preventer is added with the kit. For your convenience, there is an alarm added. This alarm is basically battery powered and you will require separate batteries for this. This water-powered pump works with Radon Sealed Systems. On the contrary, this sump pump is long-lasting too. There is a hydraulic valve added with the pump. This ensures reliability and durability.

Also, the valve system is incredibly put in the kit so that it ensures the highest performance. For this, you will need ¾ inches water line. If you have the ½ inches one, you can make it work too. However, you might need a little experience to do that in this case. 

6. Liberty Sump Pump – Jet Water-Powered Backup Sump Pump # SJ10

Liberty Sump Pump


  1. Made of durable PVC
  2. Come with a stainless steel hose clamp
  3. Can take inlet supply pressure from 20-100 PSI
  4. Come with check valve
  5. Comes with a built-in screen
  6. Arrives completely assembled
  7. Fully automatic SYSTEM
  8. Removable foot valve added

Whoever knows about the sump pumps of Liberty usually don’t change the brand because of the incredible performance. Yes, this brand affords top-notch sump pumps is a medium price range. The sump pumps of this brand are highly efficient. Also, the design of the pumps is improved.

It is capable of removing about 2 gallons of water easily. The pumping performance of this sump pump varies. It completely depends on the pumping head. It also depends on the inlet water source pressure. If the pressure is high, you will get incredible performance and vice versa.

On the other hand, this best water powered sump pump backup is completely automatic. So, you don’t need to do much when it comes to operating this sump pump. People, in most cases, go through a lot of difficulties regarding the installation of the sump pumps.

However, there is no need to install this sump pump at all! Yes, you only need to get this sump pump and add the water pressure! This sump pump kit comes completely assembled and so, you do not need to waste your effort and time on assembling the kit!

It is capable of accepting inlet supply pressure from 20-100 PSI. While adding water pressure, all you have to do is keep this in mind. It comes with a built-in screen for your convenience. Also, a built-in check valve is added. The stainless steel hose clamp is adjustable and you can adjust it according to your preference. However, you will require additional backflow protection in this case.

This is constructed with PVC and so, you don’t need to worry about the durability. The highest fluid temperature it can take is 130F. Here, a foot valve is also added that is removable.

7. Basepump RB75-EZ Premium Sump Pump

Liberty Sump Pump


  1. Constructed with Polypropylene
  2. Highly powerful
  3. No battery or electricity required
  4. Goes with Radon Sealed Systems
  5. Comes with alarm option
  6. Comes with adapter
  7. Added brass shutoff valve and tee
  8. Comes with backflow preventer

In the list of hundreds of sump pumps, the sump pumps by Basepump always stay at the top. The reason behind this is the performance that the Basepump sump pump can afford you is not possible by the other sump pumps that are available in the market. In terms of reliability, this pump is over the top. On the other hand, their pumps are highly powerful.

The interesting part regarding this best water powered sump pump is that it includes an alarm. The alarm will help you out whenever you don’t remember when the water is high and you need to take the necessary steps. The height of the sump pump is about 1-1/2 feet.

This height is measured keeping the sump into the well. However, the basic height of the sump to the drainpipe is 8½ feet. And the pipe works amazingly when it comes to the water pressure. Also, you will never face issues regarding the pumping. All you need is required water pressure and it will work incredibly!

In the water powered backup sump pump reviews, the name of this pump comes in the top list. Yes, the backup system of this water-powered sump pump will also mesmerize you. The installation will take more or less 3 hours and you can do it. The runs are smooth and the installation only requires PEX piping along with some shark bites. It pumps fast and also, you don’t need any battery for operating this device.

It has a large float and there will surely be no leaks after you hoot it up. Along with the sump pump, the brass shutoff valve and tee are added. Also, the adapter comes with this model. The backflow preventer comes with this and it does an incredible job. Only with the help of the push-fit pipe fittings, you can easily hook it up with the home water supply. 


FAQ sump pump

How much water does water powered sump pump use?

The ratio of the water used by the water-powered sump pump varies a little. However, the regular water-powered sump pumps are capable of using 1 gallon of the city water for pumping about 2 gallons out of the pit.

After this, the 3 gallons of water are pumped out of the house. If the ratio of the water is 1:2 and the system is of 1000 GPH, it will use about 5000 gallons of water for preventing 10,000 gallons of water.

Should there be water in the sump pump pit?

The water in the sump should not be too high. The water must be kept to 2-3 inches level inside the sump pump. All you have to do is get the float switch first.

And then, it will turn the pump on. As a result, the water will get deep and you will not be at risk.

Where does the sump pump get water?

When it comes to a sump pump, you must know that they are installed in the sump pits. These sump pits are specially designed. The water of the house usually flows into the sump pit. It goes through the drains usually. However, sometimes, it goes through the natural water too.

In this case, it migrates with the help of the soil. The basic work of the sump pump is to pump water out of the pit and then take the water away from the house. The basic reason is to keep the basement dry.

Buying Guide for Water Powered Sump Pump

Buying Guide for Water Powered Sump Pump

You do not buy a water-powered sump pump every day. There is privacy and also, you need the experience to buy these. However, once you buy one sump pump, it is not easy to change it. Then, you will need to deal with it for years.

However, if you get the best one, you are relieved of life. And here, there is a helping guide for you if you want to buy a sump pump. Go through these and make a list of your preferences.


When you are getting a water-powered sump pump, you have to notice the GPH. Some people won’t understand the meaning of GPH. The full form of GPH is Gallons per hour. The amount of water a sump pump can eject in every hour is called GPH. For this, you have to know how much water you want to take out of the basement.

You can easily know this with the help of the traditional method by using a stick. There are also other processes of knowing this. When you are planning to buy a water-powered sump pump, go through the GPH and know the power of the sump pump you are selecting.


When you are getting a sump pump, go through the switches. There are three types of switches. There are tethered float, vertical float, and electronic float. These switches automatically turn on when the water inside the sump raises to a particular level.

Sump Pump Alarm

Make sure your sump pump has an alarm. This alarm takes a look at the water level. If there is a change of overflow, the alarm rings so that you can stop it. This feature is very important.


The installation process of such a big device is tough. Yes, don’t expect that thing is going to be easy. However, you can expect it to be a little easy compared to the other ones. And in this case, you have to get a sump pump that is easier to deal with in terms of installation.

In most cases, the installation will require gears. Along with this, you will surely need a plumbing experience. However, you can also hire people to do this work. All the machines are not identically easy to install. You might need 3 hours to 12 hours to install the device.

You might need to take the help of the instruction book. Before you buy the pump, go through the instruction guidelines. Also, make sure it has an online video to help you out.

Final Verdict

There might be hundreds of water-powered sump pumps in the market but you must choose the one that is perfect for you and your house Before selecting one from the list, go through your requirements and settle for the one that affords high efficient performance in the most reasonable rate.

Also, comment below about the best water powered sump pump you have used. Let us know which one from this list is most loved by you. Mention the positive and negative aspects to enlighten us.

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