Stop Toilet Fill Valve Leaking From Top (Easy Solution)

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The bowl unit and the upper tank are the 2 core parts of home toilets. The bowl unit is positioned on the floor. And the top tank holds water that releases water every time you flush the toilet after using it.

You will not find any moving parts in the bowling unit, and it is a solid piece of porcelain. Moreover, it doesn’t show any problem except for a few exceptions.

While the tank portion contains a few important components, which are the fill valve, handle to initiate the flush, etc. And most of the time, the toilet fill valve leaking from the top happens in the tank along with other problems.

So, are there any methods to fix these problems? Let’s explore to learn the fixation processes of different toilet valve leaking problems.

How to Fix Different Toilet Fill Valve Problems?

Toilet Fill Valve

Ballcock Replacing

Different designs of toilet refill valves are available. “Ballcock” is the older style; it is an empty floating ball that controls the water flow and operates the valve.

However, fill valves are known as ballcock, but the term only applies to 2 types – plunger and diaphragm. Float balls are available in both types responsible for operating the fill valve using a long arm involved in the ball.

You will hardly find ballcocks in modern toilets. Older toilets can go with both plunger and diaphragm type fill valves. The working process is so simple. When the water level requires adjustment, the float bends up and down to find the shut-off point of the water supply. And once the float gets to the point, it stops the water supply to flush.

When you experience runny toilets after the flush cycle is finished, it happens mostly due to the tank’s high water level. At this point, the floating arm will bend downwards to stop supplying water at a lower level.

Ballcock valves show problems from time to time, and if you face issues with this valve type, it would be best to replace the valve with a more modern float-cup style fill valve. Valve replacing is not a challenging task at all.

Fix a Running Toilet -Fill Valve Replacement

Running Toilet Fixing

The runny toilet is one of the common problems of the toilet. And fixing it is so straightforward. Also, you don’t need to take assistance from a professional to accomplish this job.

First of all, you will need to know why this problem happens. It can occur due to the below reasons.

  • When the flap valve is not seated properly in the flush valve opening.
  • The too high a water level in the tank.

Both problems are extremely easy to fix. You can adjust the water level of every refill valves.

Similarly, replacing or adjusting the flapper valve is also hassle-free.

Loose Flush Handle Fixing

The handle of the toilet can lose or disconnect from the tank. You will not face any problem to fix this problem too. Below are 2 solutions to this problem.

  • Get the lift wire or chain that makes the connection between the lift arm and flapper. Reconnect it.
  • Inside the tank, you will find a handle mounting nut; adjust it. Counterclockwise rotation to the reverse thread will allow you to tighten it.

Water Leaking from the Toilet Base

As stated earlier, most toilet problems are related to the tank. One problem that includes the toilet base is – water leaking.

In the summer season, a slight condensation is simple. But when you find a puddle in the toilet base, consider it a problem. Undoubtedly, the water is dirty, so pay attention to the problem in the beginning. It is advisable not to use the toilet until you fix it.

Try the below steps too.

  • Flush the toilet to empty the tank and shut the toilet’s water supply off.
  • After emptying the bowl and toilet, the water supply needs to be unhooked. Uninstall the toilet from the floor.
  • The toilet needs to be lifted to access the wax ring.
  • Now, take away the wax ring and install the fresh one. After installing again, place the toilet in its position firmly—secure bolting of the toilet to the floor is necessary.
  • The water supply requires to be reconnected. Inspect the toilet intently for any leaks. Flush the toilet and make sure everything is under control.

Usually, this issue happens when the wax ring that seals the toilet base.

Replacing is the only solution to this problem, and a wax ring needs to open for this. You have to be tricky when doing this. You may find it difficult before doing it; the truth is, it is significantly easy to do. Calling a plumber will cost you more money if you decide not to do it by yourself.

Solving Unclogged Toilet

You will not find a person who doesn’t face a clogged toilet problem. Solving this problem also doesn’t require calling a professional.

Surf to your nearest store, buy a specialized toilet plunger and use it to unclog the toilet. If the clog is stubborn, you may require a drain snake tool known as a toilet or closet auger.

Fixing a Toilet that Doesn’t Flush

Learning about the root cause will always help you to solve a problem effectively. If your toilet doesn’t flush, it can happen because of the below reasons.

  • Narrow water supply.
  • Unavailability of water.
  • Obstruction in the flush tank.

Above 3 are the most common reasons for the obstruction of water flow.

If obstructions happen in the flush tank, fill valve replacement will let you solve the problem comfortably. You can buy it from your nearest hardware store. Simultaneously, fill valve replacement is mandatory because it wears out over time. Tightening the handle will also help you to solve the issue.

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The End

The bitter truth is; we can’t do our daily work without a proper functional toilet? The proper functionality of a toilet is significantly essential. Components of a toilet may break down over time, and replacement is compulsory if it happens. Also, you can’t avoid taking proper care of your toilet. No matter how durable it is, over time, it will start malfunctioning.

Fixation processes of the above toilet fill valve leaking from the top will help you eliminate toilet problems. Remember, proper maintenance and care are the keys.

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