Best Thermostatic Mixing Valve Reviews & Updated Guide

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Can you tolerate the poor stem of water and the presence of bacteria in your water tank because of insufficient temperature? Never, you can. Sadly, that was a common scenario until the invention of the thermostatic mixing valve.

You can store water at your desired temperature with a thermostatic mixing valve. so, it’s an opportunity to save some extra. However, only the best thermostatic mixing valve can offer you a wise and affordable solution with the right choice among the crowed of thermostatic mixing valves in the market.

So, to let you get rid of bacteria and poor current of water, we authored this review article researching and experiencing the output you deserve from your effort.

While you travel through the finest thermostatic mixing valve at the moment, you can learn what is the best thermostatic mixing valve in the market?

best thermostatic mixing valve

Top Thermostatic Mixing Valve with Comparison Table

Our Recommended Top 6 Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Best Overall – Cash Acme 24505 Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Best for seamless water – Rozin Solid Brass G1/2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Best Anti-scale – Gangang G Symmons Tempcontrol Thermostatic Mixer

Best Tank Booster – Cash Acme 24644 Water Heater Tank Booster

Best for Toilet – Sloan 3326009 Valve

Best for temperature – Watts 0204143 USG-B-M2 Under Sink Guardian Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Best for effortless installation – Watts 1/2 LF70A-F Mixing Valve

Best Thermostatic Mixing Valve Review

Here, in the review, you’ll get a set of recommendations for the Best thermostatic mixing valve which will help you get the best among a number of thermostatic mixing valves in the market. Specifically, we stay focused on the thermostatic mixing valve only in the review.

Best Overall – Cash Acme 24505 Thermostatic Mixing Valve



Weight:1 bs
Colour: white
Brand: skite
Size:   22
Height:12 inches

Key Features

  • Aesthetic look and craftsmanship
  • Complying with NAECA standard
  • Super built-quality
  • Protect from injury

Cash Acme 24505 Thermostatic Mixing Valve comes from a reliable mechanism with an excellent look and craftsmanship in the heart. This is a well-designed and well-thought-out valve that can utterly satisfy your taste and comfort complying with NAECA standards. The valve comes at reasonable and affordable price packing comfort, safety and protection.

It comes with flexibility in terms of installation. Cash Acme 24505 lets you install in a double manner – whether it is one of the new water heaters or on an existing one. On top of it, the interior brass finishing makes the installation straightforward and time-effective.  Its ¾ Sharkbite connectors enable for a DIY project. Consequently, you can manage the tool with your inexperienced hands.

As long as the valve generates temperature, you’re supposed to get worried about the potential injury derived from scalding. Luckily, Cash Acme 24505 protects all sort of possible injury by delivering temperature wisely to all settings. The temperature is impressively adjustable.

The lead-free bronze metal increases the longevity and retains the artistic look for a long time.

Best for seamless water – Rozin Solid Brass G1/2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve



Weight:1.2 pound
Colour: Chrome
Brand: Rozin
Size: ST01
Material: Brass

Key Features

  • Durable brass construction
  • Flawless water stem without back-pressure
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
  • Designed with fatigue properties

Rozin Solid Brass G1/2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve is another worthwhile shower fitting that returns you more than your expectation. Coming in brass mainframe, Rozin G1/2 Thermostatic Mixing Valve ensures durability and longevity. It is equipped with a practical temperature setting to control and customize the temperature to fit different modes.

The non-return technology masters the valve to flow water in the sole direction, yet, it comes with double openings. The installation process of this fitting is greatly straightforward. It does not require a battery and huge effort to install. It’ll provide you with a seamless water flow without pressing back-pressure.

It is engineered with Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) cartridge to master controllable compression. furthermore, they are made of brass that empowers them to protect rust and corrosion in any condition.

Rozin Solid Brass G1/2 is designed with several fatigue properties aiming to cope up with bending and twisting. The only demerit is the price. Though they are little bit pricy, they return fully and mean it.     

Best Anti-scale – Gangang G Symmons Tempcontrol Thermostatic Mixer



Weight: 1.1 pound
Colour: White
Brand: Gangang
Size: ST01
Material: Brass

Key Features

  • The best anti-scale thermostat mixer
  • Brass tempered makes more alluring
  • Sturdy and long-lasting valve
  • Ergonomically designed and constructed

Gangang G Symmons Tempcontrol Thermostatic Mixer presents the best anti-scale thermostat mixer. They come in two versions – the lead-free and the silver version. They will provide you with the most accurate temperature you desire with any of the versions.

Gangang G Symmons Tempcontrol Thermostatic Mixer is protected with an anti-scale measure that smartly keeps you safe from scaling. The G1/2″, DN15 Inches intel connection will enable you for taking heavy-duty, and solar energy valve faucet will save your electricity greatly.

The chrome interior finishing gives the valve heart to adjust with connecting pieces of stuff. Moreover, it’s super easy to install. With its 5.1 x 10.2 x 16.5 inches height, it fits to get set in different places like bathroom, kitchen, shop and many others.

Best Tank Booster – Cash Acme 24644 Water Heater Tank Booster

Cash Acme 24644 Water Heater Tank Booster


Weight: 2.50 pounds
Colour: Bronze
Brand: Cash Acme
Size: 0.75 inches
Material: DZR Brass

Key Features

  • Double usable water
  • Heat adjustment knob
  • Extended storage capacity
  • Protect Legionella bacteria growth

We’ve got another practical thermostatic mixing valve from the house of Cash Acme. It is Cash Acme 24644 Water Heater Tank Booster which won our heart with the storage performance. It can store more water than it is supposed to. It offers complete peace of mind by ensuring all essential comfort, safety, and protection.

Along with that, it comes with a great combination of a thermostatic mixing valve, flexible connector, and water heater tee boosts the all-out functionality. It includes a thermostatic mixing valve which is a practical tank booster. It lets your water heater save water for next use. 

Its airflow capacity is another tempting feature that can produce 0 cubic feet each minute. While you’re satisfied with the water flow, the safety and protection measure also will leave you satisfied. While its lead-free brass material ensures stability and long-lasting life.

 Featuring an adjustment knob, Cash Acme 24644 extends the ease of use. It is equipped with temperature controlling power. You’ll get the desired water just by adjusting the knob. To reduce Legionella bacteria growth, it can boil water at 140°F (60°C) level treating all fixtures considerably.

Best for Toilet – Sloan 3326009 Valve

Sloan 3326009 Valve, 1 Pack, Chrome


Weight:0.01 ounces
Colour: Chrome
Brand: Sloan
Size: 1 pack
Material: Brass

Key Features

  • Easy to adjust for temperature
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Protect condensation
  • Top-notch material

If you’re struggling with condensation in the toilet, Sloan 3326009 Valve will help you greatly in this case by installing near the cold-water source. It makes it easy to adjust the temperature of toilet water that can utterly protect from condensation resulting in saving your wooden floor in the toilet.

You can use this valve with a handheld bidet by fitting the connection fitting well. you can set it anywhere taking few minutes to install. Once you install it, you’ll get full benefit of the best thermostatic mixing valve soon. It can also work for your toilet if you’re stuck with condensation.

Best for temperature – Watts 0204143 USG-B-M2 Under Sink Guardian Thermostatic MixingValve

Watts 0204143 USG-B-M2 Under Sink Guardian Thermostatic Mixing Valve, 8 Inches, Brass


Weight:12 ounces
Color: white
Brand: Watts
Size: 3/8 Inch
Material: Lead-free Brass

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • Exact temperature
  • Robust built-quality

Watts offers you the most considerate temperature while taking safety and comfort to a high level. The performance of temperature is tested and evaluated with an IR thermometer. it comes with basic instructions and hardware to install.

Instead of controlling the temperature from the water tank, this valve enables you to control the cold and hot temperatures from the faucet. The maximum hot temperature is 180F starting at 120F and the maximum cold temperature is 120F starting from 39F. it means a lot as long as you consider the comfort most.

The valve can reduce the potential gumming up by featuring a screen. Whenever the pressure falls on the hot side, it may be because of the debris on the screen. In that case, remove the screen and clean with soft stuff to get a sufficient temperature.

this unit is engineered in such a way that installing it is fun. It’ll only require a screwdriver not even Allen head wrench to install. The price is unbeatable.

Best for effortless installation – Watts 1/2 LF70A-F Mixing Valve 

Mixing Valve, Lead Free Brass


Weight:12 ounces
Size:3/8 Inch
Colour: Bronze
Material:(HAWA) Lead-free Brass
Brand: Watts

Key Features

  • Easy to install
  • Compact design
  • Exact temperature
  • Robust built-quality

Watts 1/2 LF70A-F Mixing Valve is our last selection from Watts manufacturing. This mixing valve is made of lead-free brass bestowing sturdiness and longevity in the core. It comes with full elements. The average temperature supply goes to a maximum of 160 degrees starting from 120 degrees to.

The installation is process is so simple. you can get it installed in roughly 10 minutes. And you can put the valve in any dimension to suit your convenience and the look of the bathroom. However, installing 12 inches under the hot water loop will provide you with the best result. Furthermore, you can replace the guts in the future if needed.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Best Thermostatic Mixing Valve 

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Best Thermostatic Mixing Valve 

Finding the best thermostatic mixing valve requires a number of factors keeping in the attention while shopping. According to experts, considering the following factors while shopping will help you get the best one.

The Variation Shower Valves

There are two variations of shower valves based on the look and modes. The first one is called the concealed and the second one is the exposed shower valve. The plate and the handles of concealed shower valves are visible. And the rest of the parts are concealed back in the exposed part. They are noticeably sophisticated and up-to-date.

While the other variation, though, does not look as stunning as the previous one, is cheaper and convenient to install. If you intend to set on the brick walls, this variation would perform better than the concealed ones.


Though the purpose of each brand is identical – to provide ease of use, safety, comfort and other utilities, they vary in the form of production. The famous brands give maximum importance to metal components. Shower valves that offer the best steadiness and functionality are made from rust-free pieces of machinery.

Generally, the shower valves have to survive a substantial amount of load and abrasion. In this regard, the stainless steel, brass, and ABS have proven their capacity to greatly mastering tough finishing that efficiently fights with leakage. If you’re careful enough, you can find the right valve empowered by tarnish-resistance and scratch-resistance features.

Luckily, few brands nowadays offer both the overhead as well as handheld shower, while others offer a single mode. So, find the one which you think deserves your attention.

Cost of use

No doubt, we all like to get the full juice from any product. However, when it comes to a shower valve, it may involve huge water and electricity consumption. If your shower valve really consumes greatly, investing in such a brand wouldn’t be a wise decision.

Sadly, a high volume of models is taken back just because they consume more electricity. Well, there are a number of brands which save water and electricity greatly by virtue of eco-settings. So, find a model that is mastered by eco-settings to save power.

Again, you should also find a way to save the waste of water along with power. All the leading brands are now implementing water-saving technologies which can save up to 90% water comparing to other brands.

Mode of Installation

Installing some shower valves don’t require any tool, whereas some are difficult to install without an additional tool. However, if they require any extra hardware to install, they will accompany your shower valve. If there is an exception, you have to find them separately.

So, find such a brand that offers the maximum ease of installation. If the setup is candid, you can save time as well as money. Just install and get going. Alongside, the user manual is another factor for the purchase. The manual should be meticulous and well-narrated.

Temperature and Pressure Controls

A shower valve should not be accepted without a modest temperature and pressure controls setting at all. An ideal shower system is all about good control over temperature and pressure. Before you invest your money in any shower system, find a shower valve with a good temperature and pressure controls the setting.

Luckily, the advanced technology introduced a control knob that makes it easy to customize the level of temperature and pressure effortlessly. Many manufacturers have adopted this feature to serve maximum comfort. While others come with a built-in mechanism that doesn’t let the users adjust as they prefer. You should pick the first one, I suggest.

What do you prefer most – shower with a control knob or with the built-in pressure and temperature level?


No matter what the components are, finishing remains a crucial feature for the valve as ease of cleaning is vital. The valve is galvanized with a metallic coating to protect abrasive and rust retaining durability and longevity.

The valve coating with Venetian bronze or polished chrome is proven effortless to keep clean and remain aesthetically pleasing for a longer period. So, the different finishing types are the user-friendly option that lets you choose from a variety. Thus, you can satisfy your aesthetic inner view by blending with the bathroom’s interior.

Remember, color has no role in the performance at all.     


Price Thermostatic Mixing Valve

Spending much penny requires to get the best product is a myth. The price of the thermostatic mixing valve is, therefore, another crucial factor you should keep in mind while purchasing. You can find the best product at a less price with good knowledge and experience. We enlisted few models in the review which are available under your budget.

The price involves several factors. it basically includes the production cost, features, and quality. So, the high-end brands that hike more money isn’t illogical. However, adequate knowledge can get you purchased the best one you deserve.


What is the difference between a mixing valve and a thermostatic mixing valve?

Generally, the term ‘mixing valve’ in plumbing has general attribution. It controls the pressure and temperature to produce comfortable water blending of cold and hot water. When the mechanism of the thermostat adds in the mixing valve which is known as the thermostatic mixing valve shortly as TMV, the performance of the shower valve boosts. TMV offers more comfort and safety scalding from injury keeping the temperature constant. It lets you maintain the temperature in between the use.

How long should a mixing valve survive?

If you deal with your competent hands your shower valve – mixing or thermostatic should survive a long, long period. The cartridge of the valve is subjected to damage earlier than expected by the rough flow of water. If you can check this, your valve will last long.

Is installing a pump for a thermostatic shower necessary?

It depends on the flow of water. If there is no disparity of water supply between the cold and hot water, you can get going with installing a shower. In some cases, due to an unvented system, the supply of hot water can reduce. If so, installing a pump would be the best way out.

Why should I purchase the best thermostat mixing valve?

Only the best thermostat mixing valve promises to give you comfort, safety, and the exact temperature you need. The thermostat mixer is engineered to mix the hot and cold water in such a way that you get comfortable water, keeping the flow of water smooth. Otherwise, there is a chance to hamper the stream of water and improper temperature may harm your body in the long run.

Our Top Pick

Cash Acme 24644 Water Heater Tank Booster

Cash Acme 24644 Water Heater Tank Booster offers all the professional and practical features within the budget. its adjustment knob makes the valve more convenient with 150 pounds per square inch. Furthermore, lead-free brass ensures sturdiness and longevity greatly.

Summing up

Now, you’ve gone through what to consider while purchasing a thermostatic shower valve for your bathroom or kitchen. We covered here all the basic and crucial factors of the best thermostatic mixing valve so that you can get the desired one you’re looking for.

You’ve already learned what to find in your thermostatic mixing valve. when you shop your stuff, keep all the factors in your consideration.  

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