Best Oil Drain Valve Review & Buying Guide

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Oil changing is a crucial maintenance process for any engine. Most vehicle owners prefer to do this maintenance task themselves.

Although the process is extremely effortless when DIYing, some problems arise.

First, some vehicles don’t have enough room in the bottom and thus, getting into the drain plug becomes challenging.

Second, the process is usually associated with oil spills and dirty hands.

It seems the most straightforward task can turn into a huge messy frustration.

The good news is that these days, with the best oil drain valve, an oil change is becoming easy and quick.

This guide shares the ins and outs of this amazing useful device.

Let’s follow the tail.

Summary of the Best Oil Drain Valve

If you are in a hurry, read the key features below of our selected best oil drain plug.

Best Overall: ValvoMax Stainless Oil Drain Valve

This valve eliminates the chance of oil spills. Also, it offers fast and mess-free oil change.

Editor’s Choice: ValvoMax Stainless Drain Hose Attachment

It is designed to solve your oil changing problem with a one-touch operation feature.

Customer’s Pick: Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve

Due to its convenient and efficient oil draining mechanism, many customers appreciate its performance.

Best for Easy Installation: Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve

You will not require any tool to install this oil drain valve., ensuring a hassle-free installation process.

Best for the Quality: Fumoto F-111N Engine Oil Drain Valve

With premium-quality construction, this is promised to give you many years of service.

Best for SUV and Trucks: Fumoto Original F108S FS-Series Drain Valve

This is an N-type valve, the best option for SUVs and trucks.

Best for the Durability: Fumoto Original F105S FS-Series Drain Valve

It is constructed with stainless steel and forged brass, making it much durable than its competitors.

Beat Rust-proof Oil Drain Valve: EZ-106 Oil Drain Valve

Due to its stainless steel construction, it resists rust effectively.

Best for the Performance: EZ-106 Silver 14mm – 1.5 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

Every component of this valve is of premium quality, making it ideal for heavy-duty vehicles.

Best for Fast Oil Changing: EZ-107 Silver 12mm – 1.75 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

With a one-touch operation, you can easily and quickly and easily change the oil of your vehicle.

Comparison Table- Top Oil Drain Valve

10 Best Oil Drain Valve Review

After extensive research, we picked oil drain valves from different manufacturers. We tried our best to provide an in-depth review of the products. Choose any of the quick oil drain valves from our list.

1# Best Overall: ValvoMax Stainless Oil Drain Valve

ValvoMax Stainless Oil Drain Valve

The ValvoMax Stainless Oil Drain Valve assists you in simplifying your following oil change with the easiest solution for your vehicle. It ensures faster oil change with less mess. Also, following the self-contained system, this valve eliminates oil spills on the garage floor or driveway.

You will be able to drain oil within 10 minutes with the help of this drain valve. All you need to do is, follow 3-steps instructions: remove the cap, insert the drain tool, and let the oil drain. Isn’t it so simple? A novice or a kid can do it without hassle. More importantly, you don’t require any tool to operate it.

It is a highly durable valve made of ROCK SOLID 304 Stainless Steel. With this construction, you will surely get many years of service. It is leak-proof because of the rubberized seal in the steel cap. This means, when the valve is closed, you will never experience oil leakage from it.

Additionally, the valve uses wave spring technology that ensures quick and fast oil draining. Moreover, its handgrip is also ergonomically placed for easy oil changes. Install this oil drain valve once in your vehicle and let it handle the oil changing process.

 What we liked? 
  • It eliminates injury
  • Faster oil changing
  • Promotes sustainability
  • The drain cap is sealed with rubber
  • Stainless steel valve body
 What to Consider? 
  • Incompatible with older model cars

2# Editor’s Choice: ValvoMax Stainless Drain Hose Attachment

 ValvoMax Stainless Oil Drain Valve

Are you facing trouble while changing the oil of your vehicle? Oil spilling everywhere and creating a big mess? The ValvoMax Stainless Drain Hose Attachment is here to solve your problem. This oil drain valve focuses on making your vehicle oil changing process easy, mess-free, and efficient.

Using this valve is so easy. Simply open the cap, then you need to insert the valve and allow oil to drain. You might be wondering; do I need to use any tool? The answer is NO. Taking assistance from any specialized tool is entirely unnecessary. Even a kid will not face any trouble working with it.

The oil drain hose attachment includes a drain tube assembly. It is responsible for making the oil drain process faster and efficient. At the same time, you will always have a mess-free oil-changing process. This means, after the changing process, you don’t need to spend additional time cleaning the surroundings.

Moreover, it helps to keep your skin safe from hot oil. It means the valve prevents arm and hand injury effectively. The stainless steel construction and high-temp PVC tubing ensure the longevity of the valve. Furthermore, with this device, no more worry of overtightening and damaging threads.

What we liked? 
  • Fast and mess-free oil change
  • Viton seals
  • High-quality construction
  • No tools required
  • Easy to use
What to consider? 
  • Drain fitting options are limited

3# Customer’s Pick: Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve

Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve

The Fumoto F-106N Engine Oil Drain Valve is a compact oil-changing valve compatible with vans, light trucks, selected commercial vehicles, and cars. A nipple is attached to this valve that guarantees convenient oil draining every time.

This oil drain valve will get lifetime dependable service because of its stainless steel and forged brass construction. Its size is so compact – 14 millimeters. With a single touch of your finger, you can activate the valve quickly and get a hassle-free oil draining process.

In addition, you don’t need to handle hot oil anymore when this valve is installed in your vehicle. Thus, unwanted accidents in the arms and hands can easily be avoided. You can easily change oil with the touch of your finger. In fact, changing oil will never be so easy.

If you need an ideal oil drain valve for your vehicle, this would be the best option for you. This valve is very well made, and the drain is now a piece of cake. This makes the whole job even simpler. So easy and convenient and no mess.

What we liked? 
  • lean oil change
  • Ease of use
  • Nipple for convenient draining
  • Provides reliable service
  • Forged brass and stainless steel construction
What to consider? 
  • Unsuitable for low clearance vehicles

4# Best for Easy Installation: Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve

Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve

You will no longer have to undergo problems when changing the oil if the Fumoto F-108N Engine Oil Drain Valve is installed in your vehicle. The oil-changing process will be a breeze with this valve. All you need to do is simply give a touch of your finger to the device, and this valve will assure the rest.

It is easy to use and even a kid can change the oil of your vehicle using it. Moreover, it prevents stripped thread problems. In fact, with these valves installed in your car, you will never face the stripped-thread problem. Its build quality is top-notch, and the convenience of being able to control the drain flow is priceless.

The valve will let you get relief from the mess of doing a traditional oil change. It focuses on making the oil changing process easy and quick. Simultaneously, your workplace will remain clean when you use this oil change valve. It is leak-proof, which means oil will not be wasted.

This product would be ideal for those who want to draw a small oil sample to analyze. By taking the assistance of this valve, you can make a small oil sample. This way, you can make the best use of this quick oil drain valve. Overall, this heavy-duty device is the best option for cars and trucks.

What we liked? 
  • Potential issues can be avoided effectively
  • It provides convenient service
  • The valve helps to avoid hot oil contact
  • Highly preferable drain valve to collect small oil for analyzing
  • Suitable for cars, trucks, vans, etc.
What to consider? 
  • Not a good performer with low clearance vehicles

5# Best for the Quality: Fumoto F-111N Engine Oil Drain Valve

Fumoto F-111N Engine Oil Drain Valve

The Fumoto drain valves are exclusively made with great care, and they undergo many tests to ensure quality. No wonder the Fumoto F-111N Engine Oil Drain Valve is also no exception. When you need to replace the engine oil drain plug, rely on this device without thinking twice.

It is made of forged brass and stainless steel. Many customers are dissatisfied with the performance of their oil drain valves as they get rusted over time. The great thing is, due to its stainless steel construction, it becomes rust-proof. Also, it is durable compared to other oil drain valves.

The valve includes a nipple that controls the drained fluid direction. As a result, no oil will be wasted. Also, changing the oil is so much easier and cleaner, also quicker since you don’t need to worry about letting the engine cool down.

One of the best features of this valve is, use of a gasket is unnecessary for sealing as the threads are designed to taper. Moreover, the operating process doesn’t require any tools; only give a flip to the included spring-loaded lever. All in all, the valve is designed to outlast the car itself.

What we liked?
  • The body construction is a combo of forged brass and stainless steel
  • It doesn’t require any specialized tool to operate
  • Mess-free oil changing process
  • Nipple-hose control the oil flow
  • Reduces stripped threads
What to consider?
  • Oil flow might be slow

6# Best for SUV and Trucks: Fumoto Original F108S FS-Series Drain Valve

Fumoto Original F108S FS-Series Drain Valve

The Fumoto Original F108S FS-Series Drain Valve is an N-type valve that is suitable for SUVs and trucks. Another important thing is, it offers plenty of ground clearance, making it best for direct hose application. Moreover, it is equipped with an LC-10 lever lock clip which confirms lever security.

The Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve is made from corrosion-resistant forged brass and stainless steel. Installation of the valve is effortless. Before installing the valve, take a close look at the removable plastic clip that locks the valve in the closed position and see how it fits into the valve. That will make it easier to install the clip once the valve is installed on the car.

Exceptional bolt design is another unique feature of this oil change valve. The design gives you the freedom of tightening the bolt as per your requirement. Thus, providing much effort while installing is entirely unnecessary. The truth is, you can avoid obstruction due to this impressive feature.

In terms of durability, this is a CHAMPION! It resists rust and corrosion effectively. The manufacturer is experienced and skilled in manufacturing oil drain valves. So, you can’t question its quality. Considering all the features, this is one of the best oil drain valves.

What we liked?
  • Highly durable construction
  • Easy to install
  • Ensures the highest protection
  • Affordable price range
  • Helps you to save time
What to consider?
  • A few customers experienced slow draining

7# Best for the Durability: Fumoto Original F105S FS-Series Drain Valve

Fumoto Original F105S FS-Series Drain Valve

The Fumoto Original F105S FS-Series Drain Valve has a short nipple with a bronze-made lever clip. If you want to have a mess-free oil change, this drain valve will deliver the expected result all the time. The valve deals with frozen plugs efficiently and eliminates stripped threads.

Due to its compact design, it saves valuable space and is ideal for hose connection. For extra lever security, an LC-10 lever lock is available with this device. You can connect the hose using the Fumotos SL-10 elbow socket or SH-10 straight socket.

A combo of stainless steel and brass is used to manufacture this tool. The build quality makes it a corrosion-resistant device. Operating the valve is so effortless as it features a one-touch operation. Simply lift the lever and give it a quarter turn. That is all you need to operate this valve.

Additionally, the device is leak-proof as it is double-sealed. Thus, the oil will not leak after installing it. More importantly, you will not require assistance from any tool to install it. Its price is also within the range that you don’t need to break your bank to buy it.

What we liked?
  • Lifetime reliable service
  • Corrosion-resistant drain valve
  • Double sealed to prevent leakage
  • It comes with a patented safety lock
  • Saves valuable space
What to consider?
  • Slow draining

8# Beat Rust-proof Oil Drain Valve: EZ-106 Oil Drain Valve

 EZ-106(14mm-1.5) EZ Oil Drain Valve

Are you looking for an extraordinary oil drain valve? Don’t look further and buy the EZ-106 Oil Drain Valve. This valve is as good as all other standard devices. Generally, its hose ends come with a removable feature. As a result, you can avoid clearance issues.

In addition, you will never experience messy hands while changing oil using this drain valve. Moreover, you can get rid of dirty clothes and uncleaned floors when installing this valve. Its body is rugged and robust as it is manufactured with durable materials.

Another essential thing is, it eliminates tarnishing because of the nickel-plated body. It is known that nickel-plate fights tarnish effectively. Simultaneously, due to its stainless steel and forged brass body, it becomes rust-free. This feature is unique in this price range.

You will love to know that this valve will let you get relief from frozen plugs and stripped threads. Moreover, the one-touch operation feature will also satisfy you for sure. After installing the valve in your vehicle, its performance will put a smile on your face.

What we liked?
  • Tool-less installation process
  • Mess-free oil change
  • It saves you from hot oil
  • Time-effective and cost-efficient oil drain valve
  • Prevents stripped thread
What to consider?
  • It offers little room when screwing the drain fittings

9# Best for the Performance: EZ-106 Silver 14mm – 1.5 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

EZ-106 Silver 14mm – 1.5 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

Do you change your vehicle oil quite often? In this case, a high-quality oil drain valve is a must. We recommend the EZ-106 Silver 14mm – 1.5 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve. It is designed for professional use and heavy-duty purposes.

The valve has so many impressive features that assist it in fulfilling heavy-duty vehicle requirements. There is an integrated O-ring on the mating flange of the drain valve, eliminating the need for a copper washer between the valve and the oil pan. Simply snug up the drain valve against the vehicle’s oil pan and achieve the desired angle of the valve handle.

Every component of this valve is of high quality. Forged brass and steel construction helps it to resist corrosion and tarnish. That said, with this oil drain, you will no longer have to worry about rust or tarnish. With its flawless performance, regardless of the weather condition, the valve will surely satisfy you.

Installation of this valve is so simple that you will never experience messy operation. Furthermore, it also offers stripped thread-free operation. This means the installation process will be entirely hassle-free.

What we liked?
  • Rugged and solid construction
  • Patented lock nut
  • No hose kinking
  • Trouble-free installation
  • Affordable price tag
What to consider:
  • The included O-ring may not deliver the best performance

10# Best for Fast Oil Changing: EZ-107 Silver 12mm – 1.75 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

EZ-107 Silver 12mm – 1.75 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve

The EZ-107 Silver 12mm – 1.75 Thread Size Oil Drain Valve is another best item that created a buzz in the oil valve industry. It is engineered with developed technology to ensure that no risk of burning will be there when you change the oil.

Besides, the silver one is nickel-plated, which offers more protection from the elements. Also, you can get an optional hose barb fitting that you can screw into for connecting a hose with the silver one. You can install this after you install the valve, so a nice feature.

Whether your gearbox has the required tool or not, you don’t have to worry about installing this device. The valve doesn’t require any tool to install. More importantly, when installing, the thread issue is eliminated.

This product promises to let you have a clean and safe oil change. It means this product is entirely safe for use. This oil drain valve would be an ideal choice for those who are concerned about safety a lot. Solidly built, easy to install, and no leaks.

Many customers are unhappy and tired of the hanging oil of their vehicles. This amazing device will make the oil change process fun, indeed. You will never regret buying this product. Overall, this is a highly recommended tool for an oil change operation.

What we liked?
  • It reduces burning risk
  • No thread issue will be experienced
  • Fast and efficient oil change performance
  • Premium-grade materials
  • Clean operation
What to consider?
  • Not the best option for low clearance vehicles

Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Oil Drain Valve


A vehicle’s performance can be poor when you choose the wrong product. The oil drain valve is such a tool on which your vehicle performance relies. So, you must make a precise decision when buying the best oil drain valve.

We tried our best to give you authentic information and help you find the best-suited products. In this section, we will be sharing the essential factor about the oil drain valve.

High-Quality Components

You can be overwhelmed with the number of available oil drain valves on the market. Moreover, you can choose an inferior product if you choose it without looking at its build quality. It means build quality is the first factor of buying the best oil drain plug gasket.

Generally, oil drain valves are made of high-grade materials like forged brass or stainless steel. Both materials are good at resisting rust and delivering long-term service.

As this part is installed at the underside of a vehicle, it has to withstand all weather types efficiently. It should withstand all terrain types, and it is possible only when your oil drain valve is strong and durable.

Check carefully whether the product has manufacturing cracks, gaps or not. Avoid buying an oil drain valve that is not made of premium-quality components.

Prevention of Oil Leak

Oil leak prevention is another great feature of a good-quality oil drain valve. In order to prevent oil leakage, an oil drain valve should be fit snugly and have a tight seal. This way, oil leakage can be prevented when your vehicle is running.

In this case, inspect the threads of your selected device. Make sure that the O-ring is scrutinized perfectly and doesn’t have cracks.

Easy to Use and Install

The main responsibility of an oil drain valve is to make your life easier. So, select a model that is easy to use and install.

You will love to know that most oil drain valves offer one-touch operation for the user’s convenience. Also, they don’t require any tools to be installed.

To find an easy-to-use and install oil drain valve, read customer reviews of your selected item.


Whether you buy a Valvomax or Fumoto, or EZ oil drain valve, before making a buying decision, you need to make sure that the selected item is compatible with your vehicle.

If you are unsure which size to choose, take an expert opinion, and they will give you a direction in picking the ideal oil drain valve for your vehicle.

How to Install an Oil Drain Valve?

Installing an oil drain valve is effortless and can be done following 3 simple steps.

Step 01

Drain the oil from the pan.

Step 02

Insert the through-bolt into the engine oil pan body. Make sure that it is not fully pressed into it.

Step 03

Once you are done with the step # 1 & 2, the assembly needs to be hand-tightened. Then, the valve needs to be tightened to avoid a leak. To ensure a snug fit, grab a wrench and use it for adding a quarter rotation.

You have successfully installed an oil drain valve in your vehicle.

How to Drain Oil from a Vehicle?

Without a good quality oil drain valve, it is quite difficult to drain oil from a vehicle. In fact, you can drain oil, but your hands, clothes, and surrounding area will be messy. Here are the quick steps of draining oil from a vehicle.

Step 01

Unscrew the oil drain valve’s bolt in the oil pan of the engine.

Step 02

After unscrewing the oil cap, start removing the oil filter. Then, drain all the old oil.

Step 03

Then get a new oil filter and replace the old one. In this step, make sure all old oil is drained 100%. Also, as per your vehicle’s specifications, get new oil and pour it into the oil pan. Finally, secure the oil change valve plug.

Removing the drain plug is the most challenging part of this process as they can be harder and tighter to remove. In this case, the good news is to replace the oil drain plug with a resealable plug.

Sum Up

As the best oil drain valve allows you to change your vehicle oil easily and comfortably, you should not hesitate to buy one. You will be able to keep your surroundings clean, mess-free hands and clothes when you use the best oil drain plug.

Don’t forget; a good investment will save valuable time, effort, and money. Also, don’t hesitate to buy a premium-quality oil drain valve even if it is costly. Although it is a small device, we know, “best things come in short packages.”

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