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The Zoeller m53 sump pump is certainly economical. This type of engineering, as well as the level of quality, is visiting set you back even more. Though in the Zoeller M50 ¹ ⁄ ₃ HP pump variation, the M53 Mighty-Mate is the best economical.

All over the world, Zoeller pumps are rated amongst the vey most effectively. This testimonial is likely to Zoeller M53 sump pump reviews the cost vs. top quality and performance of the M53 Mighty-Mate. If you're trying to find the most ideal, instead of the least expensive, completely submersible septic tank pump, the Zoeller company should be high on your concern list.

Before spending your cash on among the much more pricey possibilities, I ensure you want to know that this heading is the very best choice. This testimonial ought to respond to all your questions. A Zoeller m53 manual is just what you need.

Zoeller Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump

What Dimension Cellar Can the Zoeller M53 is Utilized?

Every septic tank pump possesses a Quart per Hour price (GPH). It must be self-evident that this specification shows just how much water will be pushed coming from the sump drainpipe within an hour.

To efficiently identify if the M53 Mighty-Mate suffices for your requirements, you'll need to figure out the height in feet coming from the most affordable point of your septic tank drain to the highest end of your outpouring pipeline. Since flooding isn't consistently the same, see to it you enable the maximum achievable water collection, with an extra 25% for extra safety and security.

Using this relevant information, the list below should create your decision quick and easy. I have taken key points from the Zoeller M53 efficiency graph and provided all of them for a simple study:

  • 15' vertical airlift-- 1,140 GPH
  • 10' vertical lift-- 2,040 GPH
  • 5' upright airlift-- 2,680 GPH

Note that the Zoeller M53 has an optimum upright lift of twenty' at which opportunity the pump will turn off. For increased GPH or even scalp, you will require to take into consideration an extra highly effective pump. As this is probably the best strong ¹ ⁄ ₃ HP pump completely submersible septic tank pump on the market place, a 1/2, 3/4, or even 1 HP septic tank pump will be needed to have for better efficiency. Zoeller m53 warranty for one year.

Zoeller Sump Pump review
  • Dig your pump pit and put up the container
  • Put in an electrical power outlet near the pit-- bear in mind a lot of fire codes do certainly not permit you to make use of an extension cable on pump pits
  • Put in water drainage lines. Resolution of the crown elevation and work drainage lines right into the sewage system, street, or garden.
  • Spot the pump in the bottom of the pit-- unlike stand pumps, the M53 sits at the bottom of your basin.
  • Connect water drainage pipes, energy hookups as well as battery data backup.
  • Examination system through loading basin along with containers of water to replicate heavy flooding

Here is a short introduction to the pump:




Cast iron


21 pounds

Other benefits

Reputable and extremely heavy-duty for lasting usage. Appropriate for a steady crash diet due to its rust-proof property. Its layout is simple, which requires standard servicing. It may flatter 2,700 quarts per hr. Conducts silently is a steady velocity.


Septic tank pumps are utilized in damp areas, so it is essential to withstand the massive circulation of water. Mainly, the delicate interior components must face an additional lot of tension. The Zoeller Sump Pump is constructed from cast iron that deals with the pump's entire body system for solving this concern.

Heat energy is allowed to become dispersed rapidly and properly into the water due to the cast iron. it makes certain the additional safety of the delicate internal parts. Septic tank pumps commonly operate in water. Thus there is an opportunity of corrosion. However, Zoeller M53 is covered along with cast iron and also dried out with epoxy to deal with corrosion.


The electrical power cord, discharge, and deal with are the first outside parts of Zoeller M53. It features stainless steel take care of for its easy action. It possesses a 3-meter lengthy power cable, which is risk-free and tough. In the cellars, it assists the sump pump to steering clear of unintended electricity dangers. A 1- 1/2 in NPT outpouring is used by manufacturers that could be fitted to any basic PVC or even pipelines. It additionally has the capability of removing around 1/2 inch of particles.


The Zoeller M53 has a four-pole motor to provide 1/3 HP with 1550 Revolutions Per Minute of supreme rate. It is measured as the most ideal offered electrical power in the sump pump field by the plumbing system professionals. It contains overheating change that makes sure of its security despite the production of excess warm. Oil can easily not leak out from its electric motor because of a ceramic, and also carbon dioxide produced shaft seal.

Is the Mighty-Mate M53 Automatic?

Like most completely submersible septic tank pump pumps, the Zoeller pump is furnished with a technical float button. It is going to activate and off instantly according to the water level in the sump drainpipe.

The pump turns on at 7 1/4" and also off at 3". To put it simply, the water level in your septic tank drainpipe will vary between the intensity of 3" and even 7 1/4".

How effortlessly the Zoeller M53 Clog?

Hereof, the Mighty-Mate is about the most ideal. The whirlwind impeller manages to deal with solid particles up to 1/2". Because this pump is thus good at eliminating fragments, there is no demand for an offered net that can easily become congested as time goes on. It does not shut out the solids; it pumps all of them out of the pit.


zoeller m53

You are going to be given a selection of either a plastic impeller or actors iron impeller. It has a really good suction electrical power with no stopping up location. The grooves of the impeller are specially made to ensure that the motor withdraws water swiftly and effectively. Don't forget to read the wayne waterbug pump review.

The Zoeller M53 automatically switches off as well as on with the aid of the switch installation. The 2-rod button is linked to afloat. The level of water growths, with the growth of float and the electric motor, is switched on instantly. Sturdy polypropylene is utilized to help make the float for its smooth feature. This pump additionally features a switch protector to ensure parallel operation.

In conclusion, all the above features create the Zoeller M53 a first-rate, and an excellent product. It possesses a lengthy guarantee of 3 years. It is just one of the best sump pumps in the market.

DiY Zoeller M53 SUMP PUMP install plus check valve

Final words 

This pump is an optimal sump pump for those that like to acquire their palms unclean when it pertains to house servicing. This is Zoeller M53 sump pump reviews on a practical tool that deals with septic tank pits with a decidedly old-school aesthetic. Its mix of ruggedized design, silent efficiency, and tremendous water relocating power offer it an easy to attract hardy do-it-yourselfers.

It likewise normally entices individuals who love tinkering with their garage playthings to maintain them running in great form. Such routine tinkering will certainly produce the pump a lot more imperishable than it is when it visits the box.

If you remain in the market for a septic tank pump that will put its nose to the grindstone and tirelessly sweat to shield your building from groundwater or even collected fluids, this pump must be firmly positioned on your radar.

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