Zoeller M267 Sump Pump Review (Features & Installation Guide)

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Trying to change your aged one, mount a brand-new one, or incorporate a backup pump? Our Absolute Zoeller m267 sump pump review highlights the safest and finest models accessible. Zoeller is amongst the premier brands that deliver durable and dependable septic tank. Our company has additionally shown an excellent purchasing resource to permit you to understand vital features.

The half hp pumps are generally for the ones who need to drain pipes out water more often, as well as a lot of it. One of the highest sellers in the half horsepower group is Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump. As the label suggests, it is even more like a sewage pump; however, does the sump pump every bit as really good. Allow only the Zoeller sump pump review towards the evaluation of the pump.

Zoeller M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump


The pump has obtained half of the horsepower electric motor for the business of pushing, and also it is excellent power to invite the case of a mid-size pool or even basement. This thing drains pipes out water at a velocity of 7680 GPH at zero levels. It is an excellent measurement in a useful job. It possesses an ejection of 2′ NPT. The no-clog design of the impeller brings in the pushing smooth and trouble-free of cost.

The thermic air conditioning on this is extensive. With cast iron body, the heat dissolves completely into the environment, and the motor is thermally guarded. The efficiency of the pump continues to be uncompromised regardless of whether it has been competing for a few hours. The cast iron body system performs a great work as a conductor of heat energy and keeps the pump cool.

The pump is best for mid-range swimming pools, sump pits, and also a cellar. The most significant component of this pump is that you can easily anticipate it to conduct correctly; also, the elevation is boosted.  The electric motor is incredibly sturdy, as well as along with U’S made materials, the pump possesses got an edge over various other pumps. Functionality smart, this point is undoubtedly a spot on

The ability of the pump may modify to enable solids of 2″. Likewise, the float switch current in the pump carries out a great in keeping the water level. The stand is an excellent tool to create the water inlet from down and create an excellent way for the continual flow.

Our Best Picks
Zoeller 267-0001 M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump


Item Dimensions10.8 x 13.7 x 16 inches
Item Weight35.79 Pounds

Physical body

It is just one of the few massive pumps that possess an extremely rigid body system since it is constructed from cast iron, instead of difficult thermoplastic. The cast iron enhances the bodyweight of the pump (It concerns 46 pounds), as well as quite a transportability, but makes it is superboy in the business of toughness. This point is, therefore, heavy-duty, that you may merely put it anywhere for any sort of several months.

Because of the physical body, you may conveniently place this pump in the harsh conditions. The pump has a beautiful system, and Zoeller needs to obtain a credit score for it.

You can’t contact the style precisely streamlined, yet it performs the job, and also fulfill its reason. When it comes to efficiency, the stand on which the pump is connected is a terrific resource. The stand ensures that the pump is areas properly externally and also pumping out water continually.

zoeller 267-0001 sump pump

Key Features

  • The component of this sump pump is made of stainless steel as well as cast iron.
  • It subsequently produces the pump resisting coming from oxidation.
  • The aspect of the maker can hence last a lot longer.
  • The epoxy particle covering also fulfills the same objective since actors iron protecting against the pump coming from rust.
  • This main sump pump is incredibly trusted.
  • It is waterproof as well as dustproof.
  • There is a neoprene covering in the pump.
  • The pump may work in a lot of damaging ailments.
  • A suitable foundation for additional cooling and hard performance is supplied in this particular sump pump.

For additional protection, a shaft is offered, which is developed of ceramic and carbon material.

Here is a table below to help you out in getting a good idea on Zoeller m267 sump pump review in short:






48 pounds

Other benefits

This sump pump serves as a grinder alongside a sewer pump. The internal component of this pump are economical. The pump is rust immune as it is composed of actors iron. It is effortless to mount. The float is unique in layout as compared to various other septic tank pumps. It doesn’t acquire tangled in the toilet newspaper.

How to select the pump – Complete Guide

Selecting a sump pump for your near enough needs is a multi-dimensional selection. These pumps are available in various capacities and also genuinely satisfy around the mark of market standards. Each pump is pressure-tested after setting up. Various features of these pumps are created to enhance performance and durability in damaging operating states like pushing sewerage.

Zoeller sump pump validates the very same working attributes also. Easy setup, adequate ejection electrical outlet dimension, and the excellent distribution of water at different heads make Zoeller sump pump the absolute best choice as a critical pump or even as a standby possibility. DIY-minded folks may install these pumps on their own with no need for unique technical support. Picking a Zoeller septic tank pump is the best market value for cash ever readily available elsewhere.

Experience installing and using the pump

You shouldn’t expect much difficulty putting up the Zoeller M267 as a sump pump. You inevitably connect it to your discharge pipeline, connect it in, and reduce it into the pit. Coming from that point on, you might, at the same time, forget you have obtained a septic tank pump since you’re practically never going to need to look after it.

The consisted of guidelines are extensive as well as filled in prominent English; even though you have confined plumbing system expertise, you need to be able to follow them with a little bit of support from a more knowledgeable pal. It is massive, sound, and possesses the feeling of a sump pump that is not heading to need its own manufacturer’s warranty.

Concerning life expectancy, there is high quality of these pumps’ development possesses whatever to carry out along with their longevity. The earliest users are aware of has been running in a friend’s house for 24 years. It’s still running. We know several others that have lasted the past twenty years without indicators of ceasing.

Concerning noise amounts, it is certainly not the quietest sump pump on the market, yet it dashes that you hardly have the opportunity to hear it. It considerably quieter than the Liberty pumps our team frequently highly recommends substituting with the M267.

Fixing and Installment Tips

There are quite a few traits to consider along with the Zoeller M267 to make specific a lengthy life. One that comes to mind is the joint physical body; you would like to ensure that it isn’t submerged in the septic tank. That will certainly permit water to enter the pump via the inside of the wire; once that takes place, it is no more leak-proof, as well as you’ll ruin both the electric motor as well as the buttons. 

When you get a check valve for the M267, we suggest spending a couple of bucks even more on a silent examination valve. Even though the M267 is a silent pump for exactly how effective it is, if you utilize a conventional hammer check valve, you’re still most likely to hear a “thunk!” every so often when it kicks off. Getting a quiet examination shutoff like the Brady inspection shutoff will remove that sound permanently.

Our company would certainly likewise suggest a different water alarm system; something cheap like the Cellar Guard dog will undoubtedly give you a distinct alert if water degrees climb above the M267’s float switch.

Ensure you operate a discharge pipe at the very least 2 ″ in diameter; this pump is developed to move a lot of water, and a 1.5 ″ pipe will not suffice. If essential, that is additionally within specs, don’t be worried to manage a 3 ″ pipes.

Check out the float change feat every once in a while, especially if you do not have a lot of water in your sump pit very usually. In time the floating button may come to be gluey as well as dry and also end up being harder to move on its very own. If this happens, it may not turn on when there’s water.


Zoeller m267 sump pump review tells you about a pump, which is an efficient pump sump pump, and also, a person can easily rely upon it. It supplies numerous features which most of the sump pumps stop working to reveal. It is easy to install. It has a cost-effective price that best suits its components.

The internal parts are incredibly economical, so if any sort of messing up of parts, there isn’t a fantastic loss. It possesses some mark against ones that could be ignored as it has a substantial positive side. Overall, it is a top-quality product. It is measured primarily five stars by many of its clients. I individually advise this pump sump for efficient as well as efficient working.

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