Know About the Toilet Fill Valve Replacement Cost

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You should already know that a fill valve is basically the thing that works for ensuring the proper refill of the tank and bowl with the right levels of water for flushing. Now maybe it’s making some annoying noise recently, and you just figured out the thing is enough worn out from years of use almost crying for a break. Or maybe it has completely stopped working and now you need to change it with a new one.

In all cases, you will need an idea of the toilet fill valve replacement cost. Exactly what we were planning to give you today.

Toilet Fill Valve Replacement Cost – How Much Exactly?

Toilet Fill Valve Replacement

Now, we all already know that this device basically sits right into your toilet tank. What we might not know is the fact that there’s some sort of float that allows the valve to basically shut off. And of course, that happens once the water has come to a decided level. Sometimes the valve ends up becoming so messed up, that even with float adjustment, you won’t be able to fix it. and the toilet would keep the water running, eventually causing a lot of wastage. We don’t want that to happen.

The fixes you’ll need for problematic valves often are easy and sometimes one can carry the repair themselves. So, in such a case, your basic skill level, as well as a few of the elementary level simple hand tools, should be enough.

However, the cost of buying the new valve is still there. And generally, the cost of that fill valve replacement will be somewhere between 30 to 160 dollars. If you, do it yourself then the cost would be sticking on the lower end. While with someone expert coming to your place and checking things will charge an amount, and that’s where the toilet fill valve repair cost adds up to make the total amount be on the higher end of the range.

Fix for water leaking into toilet pan

Keep In Mind.

Often a toilet causing problem isn’t just relevant to one component getting worn out and needing replacement. And that’s when you would have to spend more. If your toilet is having serious issues, maybe you will also have to change the shut-off valve, bowl flush valve as well as flapper along with the fill valve. And then the cost would increase.

With the shut-off valve, you add 5 to 30 dollars to the total sum. Then if the bowl flush valve is also there, it increases 20 to 30 dollars more. And with the flapper issue, you’ll have to add another 5 to 10 dollars.

In case you cannot handle all of those replacements or repairing jobs yourself, hiring an expert who would spend multiple hours fixing things will need payment. And so, depending on these many factors the cost can range, you can add the costs and figure out how much exactly in your case.

How Often to Replace Toilet Fill Valve?

If we talk about the general case, then the toiler fill valve should be working fine for at least 6 years. Of course, that can be even more if there’s not too much use of the toilet. Also, the fact that you might not be using very harsh cleaning chemicals, for example, the flush balls that we put inside the toilet tank for extra cleaning, often have some problematic elements. And the quality of water will also decide the long-lasting ness of this part. But in a typical case, you should consider replacing the valves after 6-7 years.

Getting A Toilet Fill Valve Kit Problems Solver.

There are several toilet fill valve kits that you can get for solving issues just like that. These are great for toilets that are going through leaks, miscalibration, and water loss issues. You can literally adjust the water amount with these.

There should be cleaning tubes as well that helps with the thorough clean-up needs by getting rid of any debris out of the water tank. You will feel the installation to be simple with these kits. And also, there are instructions given in case you don’t know how to get things sorted.

These kits are the best solution for valve replacement if someone doesn’t want to hire a professional and wants to try DIYing themselves. If you are also wishing the same, maybe look for such compressive kits that are widely available these days.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do to find out if the toilet fill valves have gone bad?

Yes, the valves can go bad. And there’s an easy way to find out if it has. You can simply try bending the float arm downwards. This will allow the water to shift off at a low level. If that’s how things take place, your valve is working fine. However, if the float after achieving the point of shut off, the tank still keeps on filling water, the valve needs a replacement for sure.

Can a toilet fill valve be repaired?

There are certain fill valves available that simply need you to change the seal in the unit instead of completely replacing the whole thing. For example, the Fluidmaster brand valves. However commonly toilet fill valves will need replacement once it becomes problematic as there won’t be much you can do for repairing them.

What is the difference between a flush valve and a fill valve?

During the flush, the valve that allows water to gush into the bowl is the flush valve. However, the valve that works for refilling the bowl after the flush, is called the fill valve. And that’s the most obvious difference between both of these valve types.

Overall Thoughts 

And now you have information on toilet fill valve replacement cost plus a few more relevant things. Hope this helps you with the whole thing and also, don’t keep the replacement for later. This is a very important part of your toilet’s flushing system and you should sort things out sooner than later.

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