Sump Pump Not Working Basement Flooded

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Last Updated on February 3, 2022 by Bonnie C. Welling

You might face such situations when your sump pump stops operating its works, thereby basement of your home gets flooded and you do not know the reasons behind this. If you can figure out what went wrong with your sump pump, you will be able to solve it as well. Here, I am going to discuss the reasons for the failure of sump pump, and will also provide the necessary suggestions to solve it.

Sump Pump not Working Basement Flooded

Power failure

Sump pump requires electricity to run.  If the power goes out, sump pump will stop functioning its tasks.

Correcting methods

You can add a battery backup or battery backup sump pump to get rid of this problem.

The workload is too high

A sump pump might fail to pump water from the sump pit if too much water gathered in the sump fit. Especially at the time of heavy rain, your sump pump might stop working because of the heavy workload. Here the quality of your pump will be tested.

Correcting methods

Installation of a backup sump pump along with your primary sump pump will help you to solve this problem by decreasing the workload of a primary sump pump.  When the primary pump will fail to operate its works, the backup one will be there to solve your problem. Another way of solving this problem would be using a sump pump which is extremely powerful like WAYNE CDU1000.

Location of discharge

If the location of the water discharge area is very close to the foundation, it can cause sump pump failure. Water might come back slowly to the basement area of your house.

Correcting methods

Keep your discharge location at least 12 feet away from your basement, and discharge area should be in the downward-slope.

Clogged in your sump pump

Your sump pump can be blogged or filled up with several things like debris and dirt in the sump pit, switch that you use to turn on your sump pump may be clogged, sometimes some pit gets dry at that moment silt gathered in the pit thereby interior of the sump pump gets clogged.

Correcting methods

Bring sump pump out of the sump pit, and check the impeller to find whether there is anything blocking it. If you find anything then remove it. Also, see the float switch if anything blocking it then remove it as well.

Heavy pressure on electrical Circuit

The use of heavy electric appliances like Fridge, Dishwasher, Water heaters along with sump pump will put huge pressure on the electric circuit.

Heavy pressure on electrical Circuit

Correcting methods

Use one electric circuit for your sump pump that will be good enough to solve this particular problem.

The amount of water is too high

If a large amount of water gathered in the basement of your house, your sump pump might fail to do its tasks provided that your sump pump is not a powerful and expensive.

Correcting methods

Install a sump pump which is powerful and expensive, and add a battery backup sump pump with it.

Clogged in Discharge line

Sump pump requires a discharge line to throw out water. Your unit might not work if this gets clogged or frozen.

Correcting methods

You need to clean your discharge line to get rid of clogged in the discharge line. Wrap Heating  Cable with the  Discharge line in order to save it from freezing.

Lack of proper maintenance

Without proper maintenance, a sump pump may develop some problems which can be the reason for sump pump failure. The float might create issues for a cord of the pump inside the sump pit by hanging upon it.

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Correcting methods

Regular maintenance will be useful for you to tackle this type of issue. Also, use of mesh guards outside the drains prevents dirt and debris that can help the smooth discharge of water.

Other issues with sump pump and solution

We do not need to be a plumber to solve most of the issues with sump pump. We just need to know the way of solving those issues, and I will show you the path. Besides, you do not require to spend a lot of money to solve issues of your sump pump.

Sump pump continues to run

See whether switch on the sump pumps operating its tasks in correct manner. Replace the switch if it does not work properly. Find the Discharge pipe and clean it if there is any debris or dirt. Maybe your sump pump is not powerful enough which is why it is run continuously. The only solution for this problem is to install a more powerful sump pump.

Issues with turning on

Sump pump may face problems to turn on because of blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker, and if the water level of your sump pit is too low. Bring your sump pump out and clear the inlet valve provided there is any debris and dirt.

Frequent starts and stops of sump

Without pumping all the water if your sump pump stops, it means your sump pump is overheated or float switch facing issues. To solve the overheating problem with the sump pump, ensure that your sump pump getting enough power from electricity because overheating caused by a low voltage electricity supply.

In conclusion, I would suggest you regularly check your sump pump whether everything is going okay with it. As it is in the basement of your home, it is not in front of our eyes, therefore it is important to check regularly. If you have any further questions, please leave your comments below.

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