Sump Pump Float Switch Types- All You Need To know

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There are several types of sump pump float switches in the market. When it comes to the float switch failure, not choosing the right float switch for the sump pump you have might be the reason behind it. So before you select one, you must go through the four basic sump pump float switch types!

Here, we have mentioned the details along with the advantages and the disadvantages. Skin through and pick up the one that suits you!

Sump Pump Float Switch

Vertical Action Float Switch

If you are up for buying an inexpensive switch, you can rely on this one. On the other hand, the quality of this switch is very high. This sump pump float switch floats above the water. Precisely, when the level of the water rises, you will see that the ball also rises.

After that, the ball will hit a particular level. And in that situation, you will see that the switch will be triggered. The most important fact that you need to note about this Vertical action sump pump float switch is you will never see this switch jamming. It never gets stuck in comparison to the other float switches. The reason behind this is the limited movement of the float switch. The work of this switch is only moving up and moving down!

Diaphragm Switch

If you want to spend a good sum of money on a sump pump float switch then you can settle for the Diaphragm sump pump float switch. Some people will never suggest this float switch because when it comes to the sump pump float switch types, this one is highly-priced. But if you prefer quality over quantity, this is the right choice for you. And for that reason, in most cases, the professionals in this sector use this Diaphragm float switch to make everything perfect.

The best part is this float switch is very sensitive to the water pressure. On the other hand, this switch is immersed underneath. And depending on the pressure of the water, this pump does its job. When the water pressure will increase, the pump will be concave. As a result, it will be forced to turn the switch on.

On the contrary, the vice-versa will happen in the opposite case. If the water pressure level decreases slowly, the float switch will get turned off automatically. So, you don’t need to do anything! This float switch will do all your work by itself!

You also need to remember that as this float switch is mostly used by the seasoned and the professional users, this will not be stuck when this is working. Comparatively, the other float switch stuck but this doesn’t!

Tethered Float

If you are going to work with your float switch on your own and you do not want to take any help from the other people, make sure you settle for a tethered floats witch. These switches are preferred for the people that want to do their projects comfortably with their own hands. The tethered sump pump float switches are designed for the pedestal sump pumps. So, if you own a pedestal sump pump, you should get your hands one it!

This is a little different from the other sump pump float switches. This floats based on the water height. There is afloat with this float switch. This float usually hangs from the pedestal sump pump of your house.

However, you might face some common difficulties regarding this sump pump float switch. Just like the Diaphragm sump pump float switch and the Vertical Action sump pump float switch, this switch will not stay stuck-free.

According to the users, sometimes, this switch gets caught up. Sometimes, it will end up sinking too. On the other hand, users have also reported that it sometimes fails to begin the sump pump. The reason behind it is the float switch is not activated accurately.

But if you compare to the other pumps and you ignore some slight troubles, you will see that there are also some benefits of using this Tethered float switch. The float switch usually hangs above the water. As a result, it doesn’t touch the water. There are no troubles regarding power or electricity.

Electronic Switch

If you have read about the float switches or sump pumps, you already have heard about the Flood-free switches. Yes, the electronic switches are the flood-free switches you heard about! Though these are called sump pump float switches, this does not include any float at all! This float switch is designed differently. You will see that the float switch is submerged in the water. On the other hand, this float switch depends on the pressure of the water so that it can activate the probe wire inside!

If you look carefully, you will see that there is another probe in the float switch too. This is used for triggering back up to avoid any sort of future troubles.

FAQs on Sump Pump Float Switch

FAQ sump pump

How does a float switch work on a sump pump?

The basic work of a float switch is to detect if there is flooding in the sump or not. It works on switching the sump pump on and off. It does this depending on the water level in the sump pit of your pump.

On a circular float ball, the sump pump float switch relies so that it can easily measure the water level. With the water level, the float rises and turns the switch on and vice-versa.

Can you adjust the float on a sump pump?

Go to the sump pump hold and all you need to do is pour water inside. Try to pour several gallons so that you can activate the sump pump. If it does not work, you have to move your hands to make the float cord tighter than before.

Make it tight enough to work. On the other hand, you have to loosen the connector too. Try to move the connector up the cord a little and you are done!

What does float switch fail?

There are several reasons for float switch failures. The basic reason is the incorrect configuration of the float switch. On the other hand, if you go for poor maintenance of the float switch, you might see it fail. If you use a wrong float switch for a wrong sump pump, the float switch might fail.

Replace Sump Pump Float Switch

Wrap Up

No matter what float switch you are going for, you must go through the advantages along with the disadvantages. According to us, the first thing you need to keep in mind is the type of sump pump you have.

After knowing the type, you can read the above-mentioned details of the sump pump float switch types we have mentioned and choose one. After using, comment down below to tell us how you felt!

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