Sump Pump Discharge Pipe Leaking (FIXED)

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A sump pump is a submersible gadget that prevents the basement from flooding by sucking water into the deep. It is mainly installed under the basement or crawling space of any house by digging a pit. This device comes into the game when it rains excessively. Extra surface water reaches this device through funnels, turns the pump switch, and reaches the storm drain.

It is a vital device to prevent basement flooding, but sump pump discharge pipe leaking can be a severe headache. So, the leakage needs to be solved within the quickest period. But before doing so, finding the leakage location and cause behind the leakage is much essential.

The Reasons Behind Sump Pump Discharge Pipe Leakage

The sump pump discharge pipe leakage is an alarming situation that can overflow your basement. You need to solve that as early as possible, but finding the location of leakage is also essential. At the same time, you should also look for the reasons which caused the sump pump discharge pipe to leak.

Now, let’s take a look at the possible reasons why your sump pump discharge pipe can get leaked:

  • Improper sealing of the discharge pipe
  • Holes in the pipe
  • Incorrect release hole can cause the pipe leakage
  • Too much water pressure and electric issues
  • Check-valve malfunction can also be responsible for the sump pump discharge pipe leakage

How to Fix Sump Pump Discharge Pipe Leaking

How to Fix Sump Pump Discharge Pipe Leaking

It is an unpleasant situation when the sump pump discharge pipe is leaked. But you shouldn’t panic while facing this problem. Find the reason behind this leakage issue and then try to solve it. You can quickly solve this sump pump leakage issue by following the correct steps, and those are:

Step-1: Find the Leakage Source

The leakage can take place in any part of the discharge pipe. That’s why you need to start checking from the start of the hose and keep checking until you find the leakage. The smallest of the holes can do the deadliest leakage in the pipe. 

One small leakage can create an overflow of water and create an unwanted flood in your basement. So, look carefully, and find the leakage spot of the sump pump discharge pipe as early as possible.

Step-2: Apply Glue or Tape on the Leakage

After finding the leakage, measure the depth and area of it. Take a good look at it, and decide whether taping will stop the leakage or you need to apply glue. If taping does the job, choose a tape that is comparatively thick and has sticky glue. 

But, before putting on the tape, make sure the pipe is empty, and there is no water flow. Then apply the tape on that leakage spot carefully from left to right. After placing that, apply another layer of tape from up to down to make the taping more leakage-proof. If the leakage is stubborn, you will need to apply glue.

Choose a sticky glue that makes sturdy joints within a short time. Ensure the discharge pipe is empty and dry before applying the glue unless the glue won’t be effective. After applying the glue, attach a bandage cloth to it to make the joint sturdy.

Step-3: Apply the Pipe Cover or Replace the Pipe

If applying glue and tape doesn’t work, you need to take higher steps. You can apply the sump pump discharge pipe cover all over the pipe to prevent leakage. If the pipe is too faulty and contains too many leakages, you should replace the sump pump discharge pipe as early as possible.

Sump pump piping leaking water


It is a disturbing situation when the sump pump discharge pipe gets leaked. The leakage can give you a severe headache by flooding your basement area. But panicking won’t solve the problem but will increase it alarmingly. So, keep calm, locate the leakage spot of the pipe, and find the reason behind it.

Once you get to know those, then go solve the sump pump discharge pipe leaking problem. All you need to do is follow the correct method with proper steps, and the leakage will be fixed.

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