Moen Kitchen Faucet Hose Replacement- [Solved]

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The kitchen area faucet sprayers’ supply incorporated convenience to any kitchen area sink. The sprays attach to an amount of water channel on the tap body underneath the sink.

Moen kitchen faucet hose replacement is available in handy when you need to clean foods, do prep jobs, or tidy. Tear, as well as wear coming from regular use, can create a leaking tap hose, while hard water may trigger nutrient accumulation inside the hose, leading to low water pressure. Many faucet sprays hook up to the faucet in the same fashion, regardless of its brand name.

Sadly, some styles call for changing the entire assembly, including the hose. When you obtain a new sprayer, it will undoubtedly feature a brand-new escutcheon, or sprayer foundation, that attaches to the sink.

This guide is going to detail just how to do a Moen kitchen faucet hose replacement. There have been concept improvements to the faucet hoses over the years which include an assortment of adjustments to components, spans, and relationship kinds. Don’t forget to read the article Moen Bathroom Faucet Installation Instructions.

Moen kitchen faucet hose

Not All Flexible Hose Installations are Quick Hook Up

The Moen Duralock proper and the Moen Hydrolock fitting are relatively recent developments, as well as you will not find them on older Moen faucet. On more aged taps, the relationships are created along with threaded compression fittings. It requires a wrench or even a set of securing piers, or even both, to link or also separate all of them or quit a water leak.

The best means to establish which relationship your tap has is to go under the sink cabinet along with a torch and find the pipe or hoses that link the manages to the spout. The spout to the spray or the pull-down tap scalp to the tap body system depends on the form of fitting you possess.

Comply with the hose until you find the port, which is typically near the bottom of the boast, and also search for threads. If you see any, at that point, the adapter is a regular one, certainly not a quick-connect, and also, you will definitely need a wrench to secure or even release it.

The process of Moen quickly connects hose replacement.

Moen quickly connects hose replacement.

List of Steps connects hose replacement.

step 1

Turn off the scorching- as well as cold-water source shutoffs under the sink.

step 2

Activate the tap to discharge the tension.

step 3

Detach the pull-down hose pipe coming from the port underneath the sink. On the back of the adapter, squeeze the two white flaps all together as well as the drive towards the pipe. Discharge the hose from the connector.

step 4

Take the hose fully out via the faucet.

step 5

Move the small end of the brand new tube by the tap position and draw it through from below the sink.

step 6

Remove the cap on the short end of the hose. Push the end of the pipe right into the quick attaches. Push in the clip on the adapter up until it clicks.


Set up the Moen pull out of the faucet hose replacement pipe directly below the flat tube bodyweight indicator. Snap it shut over the pipe to keep it in location.


Switch on the water valves and also run the faucet for 15 few seconds to rinse any clutter coming from the hose.

step 9

Eliminate the cap coming from the spray stick. Attach the spray stick to the pipe and also tighten it into place. Secure it with a wrench until the hosepipe connector is flush with the spray wand, yet don’t over-tighten it.


From under the sink, connect the threaded fitting on the end of the spray hose pipe onto the diverter nipple, expanding from the edge of the tap’s physical body. Make use of 2 pliers to secure the right, the various other to tighten up the hose mounting nut, and to safeguard the hose pipe to the faucet.


Along with everything tight, transform the water back on and check the sprayer for cracks. Operate warm water via the spray to relax the tubes and enable it to go up and down easier.

Moen Duralock Installation and Moen Hydrolock hose replacement

If you find a straight metal arrow on the hose link, rather than a threaded one, it has either a Hydrolock or Duralock hose. Both are actually plastic as well as function the same way, but they appear different, as well as the procedures for removing them are various, too.

The Moen Hydrolock hose replacement is dark, as well as it has two white-colored buttons. When you want to separate it, you press the buttons along with your fingers or even a set of pliers, which creates a switch to pop out on the contrary side of the fitting, loosening the connection so you may take it apart. To reconnect the right, place the hose pipe into the proper as well as press the white-colored button in till the white tabs appear on the other side.

The Moen Duralock installation is white-colored, and it possesses a black plastic button. To attach the fitting, push the switch in, use your finger or maybe a pair of pliers if it’s adhered, and take the tube pipeline off the relationship. To reconnect the fitting, merely put the hose into the proper and push up until you listen to a clicking on noise. You don’t need to have to push the button.

Things you need to have

  • Flexible wrench
  • Changeable pliers
  • Cloth (extra)


Although it is certainly not needed to turn off the shutoff valve offering the tap to substitute a sprayer, it assists in stopping a wreck if the tap accidentally is switched on.


  • Location the stopper or even a cloth in the sink drainpipe to stay away from losing small components.
  • Paper placed under plumbing system links helps recognize leakages.


As you can observe, changing a kitchen or putting up Moen kitchen faucet hose replacement is certainly not that tough. It is just one of the most convenient traits to do when it pertains to installing a kitchen space device, along with a post-cleanup regimen that is as easy as putting all the product packaging in the package as well as tossing it outside.

Water home appliances have happened a long way in making sure they put the consumer, to begin with, as well as through certainly not needing to call experts; the entire procedure is a great deal more affordable. With the mixture of these basic ways as well as the overview, you will find a way to solve the issue in no time.

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