How to Turn off Sump Pump Alarm (Troubleshooting Guide)

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Every alarm needs attention and if it is coming from anything related to water, you must check right away. If there is something wrong it can create a flood in your basement and that can cost you a big bill. So check right away when you hear your sump pump alarm and you can still save the house from being flooded as you have just a little time.

When the water reaches a certain level the sump pump alarm goes on and alerts you about something that is wrong. Today we will learn how to turn off the sump pump alarm and stop the water from creating a flood in the basement.

how to turn off the sump pump alarm

What is a Sump Pump Water Alarm?

The alarm sensor of a sump pump in your sump pit or basement is set at a certain level. When the water reaches that certain level the sump pump alerts you about the water rise. If the water touches the certain level sensors the sump pump alarm goes off and alerts you about a water hazard.

If you hear such an alarm from the sump pump you must check immediately as it can cause a flood and that can ruin thousands of dollars of goods kept in your basement. So be careful.

What is a Sump Pump Water Alarm?

What to Do When the Sump Pump Alarm is Going off

Firstly there are two different types of sump alarms, one is high water and another one is low water. If the high water alarm is going off there is nothing to worry about. The alarm system is designed as an early alert system. It is not likely that you’ll face water in your basement right now.

The alarm is going on. It means there is a problem with the plumbing. You need to troubleshoot that problem and it will be sorted. The alarm does not indicate flood but if you do not respond then there could be a flood.

Here’s how you can troubleshoot

Step-1: Check the Power

Make sure there is power on the sump pump. If there is no power, go to the circuit breaker and turn on the pump power switch. It will turn on the power back.

Step-2: Check the Basin

There are some sensors at top of the pump if those are wet then the alarm goes off. Make sure these are not wet due to some other reason like rain or etc. if those are wet, dry those up and the alarm will turn off. But if the water level is rising then it needs an inspection.

Step-3: Inspect the Sump pump

If the pump is working on high peak usage time then automatically the alarm could go off. Rainy times are the most usual time when the alarm rings due to heavy usage. If there is any serious problem you can call a plumber to avoid flooding your basement.

Why is my sump pump alarm going off?

Frequently Asked Question

Should I unplug the sump pump?

Unplugging the sump pump will make the situation worse and can lead you toward a flooded basement. The pump alarm is going on. That means it is working but cannot manage to work with the water flow in such a situation turning it off will make situations worse.

Does the sump pump alarm mean flood?

No, it is not. The sump pump alert system is an early alert system and it is designed in a way so that it can tell you about water hazards before they could happen and gives you time to prevent it. Sump pump alarm means there is a problem with the plumbing and troubleshooting will fix that issue. It alerts you in advance so that you can avoid any casualties.

Why does the sump pump alarm go off?

There are some sensors on top of the pump. When the sensors are wet the pump alerts us about possible water hazards.

Final Words

A sump pump works to give the home a better living environment by supplying water to the whole house. When you hear an alarm from the sump pump you should act immediately as it can cause a flood in your basement. Here I have discussed How to turn off the sump pump alarm, follow these steps and it will help you doing so.

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