How to Reset Sump Pump Alarm- 6 Easy Steps

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If you want to keep the unwanted water away from your house, the best way is to go for a sump pump. However, you cannot check the sump pump water every day. And to help you out, there is a sump pump alarm that lets you know when the water level is low. It also tells you about other facts. At times, the sump pump alarm can start beeping or might not work. In this case, you must know how to reset sump pump alarm!

Here, we will tell you how to deal with a sump pump alarm that is not working at all! All you need to do is reset your sump pump and you will get back everything you were missing!

Sump Pump Alarm Sounding

When it comes to the sump pump alarm sounding, people get worries. In this case, you have to be very careful not to unplug the sump pump if you see that the alarm is going off. You might think that unplugging can help you out but trust us, it will not! All you have to do is resist that reaction!

Unplugging might cause damage to the sump pump. So, before you switch it off, wait, and see that happens.

Check the water level. In most cases, if the water of the sump raises the maximum level of 6 inches (below the lid,) you will see that the sump has started beeping! However, all you have to do is stop the water level from reaching its highest height. The work of the sump pump is to throw the additional water out of the basement or the house.

The alarm works for warning you about the activity of the sump pump. If it is not working properly, the alarm will tell you that. Here, searching for the basic cause of the alarm is beeping is very important.

How To Reset Sump Pump Alarm

Easy Fixes for Sump Pump Alarm

  1. Removing the pump cord from the outlet of your house
  2. Wait for a few minutes
  3. Check and re-check the outlet if it is working or not
  4. Take necessary steps if it’s not working
  5. Re-plug the sump pump be reconnecting it
  6. Take a look if it works or not

However, you have to make sure that you don’t use any sort of extension cord if you see your alarm beeping. It is better to wait for ensuring that no extension cord is needed as long as you can easily rest the sump pump alarm.

No Power Issue

If you see that there is no power at all, you have to check the breaker. And after that, you should reset it in the proper method and go through the easy fix steps for getting it in the previous position again.

Breaker Issue

There are times when you will see that there is power elsewhere in your house and not in the outlet you are using the sump pump. Before doing anything, double-check the other power outlets so that you can know if there is power or not. If you find that the whole house is running out of power, call the utility company and tell them to fix it.

If you see that it is a localized difficulty then you are free to utilize an extension cord. But remember that you can use the extension cord only when there is no power in one outlet. You may be interested in Best Sump Pump Switch Reviews

Engaged Pump Issue

If you see that breaker stays on and then you see that the breaker trips if the sump pump is hooked, you might be facing two different issues. Here, you have to go through the electrical and then you have to go through the pump.

First of all, turn on the breaker. Then, plug another gear so that you can take a look at the wiring issues. If you have any electrical issues, you will need an electrician. If there is no such issue, you must know that the sump pump you have is clogged. Here, you have to repair it. If you cannot repair it, you will need to replace it.

For repairing it, you have to go through the discharge line. You must know that there is any clog or not. You have to clear the obstructions if you see any clog. If the pop-up drain is the trouble, clear it!

Resetting Button Choosing

No matter which sump pump you use, all the systems that are available in the market come with a text button. So, it gets easy for you to reset the alarm and make it work again! However, before you know how to reset the sump pump alarm, you have to know the basic details.

Different sump pump alarms are immediate, and it happens then and there. However, you will see sump pump alarms that will reset for 24 hours or so. The sump pump alarms resetting is easy when it is instantaneous. On the other hand, if you go for the second one, you have to make sure that there are no other ways to make the sump pump alarm right again.

  1. All you have to do is know where the reset button is. It is usually situated on the motor. If you know that your pump does not include any reset button, you have to go through the power off switch. Then, turn it off. You can also unplug the pump from the direct electrical outlet.
  2. Go through the inner side of your pump. If there is any debris, clean it properly, and remove all the clogs.
  3. Plug-in the sump pump again and switch it on. As a result, you will get your pump back in the previous position!

FAQs on Resetting Sump Pump Alarm

Why is my sump pump alarm going off?

IN most cases, the sump pump alarm goes off when the water of the sump reaches the highest level. Know if you have any battery backup or not. If there is nothing like this, the sump pump will alert you about the power out. Go through the water level too in this case.

Does a sump pump have a reset button?

Most of the sump pump alarms have a reset button. But there are also sump pumps that don’t include a reset button. If you have a sump pump that does not include such a button, you have to unplug the pump from the wall so that you can cycle the motor.

Should I hear my sump pump?

If you are operating the sump pump normally, there will always be a little noise. When the water frequently moves through the pipe of the sump pump, it can move the air out. As a result, there is a slight noise. If the sound increases, you must check it properly.

Things Sump Pump Owners NEED to Know

Wrap Up

There are so many problems that you can face when you are using a sump pump alarm. When it comes to resetting, think twice before doing it. Never settle for unplugging the sump pump before you know the reason behind the beeping or the problem.

Here, we have mentioned all the steps of how to reset sump pump alarm. If you think that you should reset it, try this method and make life easier!

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