How To Cover a Sump Pump

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Home sump pumps are designed to automatically seal off the basement when water levels reach a certain height. The purpose of a sump pump is to move excess water and moisture out of your basement. If you would like more information on how to cover a sump pump, we have put together this post with some helpful tips that will keep you and your home dry.

Two basic ways to cover a Sump Pump

Cover a Sump Pump

There are basically two ways to cover your sump pump:

  • there is a permanent solution.
  • then there is a temporary solution.

The permanent solution involves digging a trench about eight inches deep around the perimeter of the basement floor and then running an underground drainage pipe from the end of your sump pump to this trench.

You will also have to install a dam to stop excess water from flowing down into your basement. We recommend that you buy a sump pump cover kit. These kits are designed with plugs that cinch down around the bottom of your sump pump. It is important that you make sure the cover you buy has enough room for the discharge hose.

The second option is to simply buy a sump pump cover and lay it over your sump pump. The problem with this choice is that when heavy rainfall occurs, excess water may push the pump up and cause it to malfunction. Also, if a flood were to occur, it would trap moisture underneath your sump pump. This leads to mold, mildew, and several problems. Both solutions will help protect your sump pump from damage.

If you are installing a sump pump cover yourself. Follow the installation instructions carefully. Make sure that your sump pump can still operate in case the water reaches the bottom of your cover. Also, make sure that your sump pump has sufficient clearance under it and is running well, and will not catch on anything.

Additionally, it is important to keep an eye on the weather conditions before purchasing a sump pump cover because you do not want to install it during the winter months. This is because it is not advisable.

How To Make a Sump Pump Cover?

In the process of making a sump pump cover, you will need to purchase a proper sump pump cover and find some heavy-duty plastic bags (for example; army bags) to cover it with.

Also, you are going to need a tarpaulin, scissors, and duct tape. You will need to choose the right size of tarpaulin because that’s what you will be used as the base of your cover.

 Also, you need to measure the size of the sump pump cover and make a similar cover out of the plastic bags and silt it on the base. The plastic bags should be heavy-duty so that they can withstand water.

Determine whether your sump pump is one that needs an extended pipe or not. If it does, you will need to measure the length of pipe you need, which depending on its height will be around 2m-3m long.

If you want to cover your sump pump permanently, you will need to dig a trench around your basement. You can either buy some contractors’ plastic bags or make silt covers for the ventilation pipe. Or make a trench for the pipe with shovels, scrapers, and spades.

After digging out the trench, run a drainage pipe from the discharge point of the sump pump so that you can connect it to the drain underneath your house. You can use PVC piping, which has a maximum diameter of 2mm. The pipe is usually around 2 meters long. You should also take into account the noise level of your sump pump discharge pipe.

You can make the cover with a tarpaulin if you would like to cover the sump pump permanently. Make sure that you have enough to do this because the material will be soaked in water and it may tear or rip while you are putting it on the cover. If you would like to do this in a cheaper way, you can just buy a tarpaulin sheet and cut it to size. For the cover, use duct tape.

Make sure that you have enough plastic bags of the right dimensions to cover your sump pump. These bags should be heavy-duty so that they can withstand water and should be at least 2 feet in length for every foot of your sump pump’s discharge hose.

How To Make a Sump Pump Cover?

24″ sump pit cover

The most important factor would be to ensure that the cover you buy will fit over your sump pump and will fit snugly. It should not be too loose or too tight, so you need to make sure you choose the right size.

You also need to consider how big your pit is and if it is one that can be covered with the cover you buy. You might want to go for a larger than average-sized one for safety reasons.

A 24″ sump pit cover is a pump and control box. These are the top-level pumps. a 24″ sump pit cover can pump water 25′ vertically and has over 1000 pumping cycles before requiring maintenance. The first line of defense against flooding is the dam. To maintain proper water levels in the pit, the dam needs to be large enough to hold back incoming water. However, it must also be strong enough not to burst under stress or pressure. The 24″ sump pit cover also needs to be able to withstand the stress of being submerged in water while continuing pumping.

Final Words

The sump pit cover is a very useful device as the solution how to cover the sump pit. These are basically used to close off the hole of the sump pump and prevent unwanted entry into it.

When buying one for your sump pump, you need to consider a few important factors. First would obviously be the size of your sump pump and how big around it is. There are some covers that are much wider than others and you need to know this before making any purchase.

You will want to ensure that the cover you buy can withstand any task. This is because it will be in a position where it needs to protect your sump pit from anything and everything.

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