Honeywell Thermostat Settings – Complete Guide

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Who doesn’t love to have a pleasant temperature at home on a hot, humid, or cold day? Using a Honeywell thermostat, you can enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home.

Programmable digital models from manual round thermostats are easy to use. Also, setting up a daily and weekly schedule is an exceptional feature of programmable digital models.

I will share settings of different Honeywell models in this quick guide.

Let’s dive in.

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Manual Thermostat

The commonly used round-shaped thermostat is known as manual model.

On the left side of the upper portion, you will find the “System” switch. Using this switch, you can set the Honeywell thermostat to hot, cold, or off function.

The “Fan” switch will also allow you to set the Fan on Switch On or Auto mode. When you select On for the fan mode, it will work only when the temperature controlling system or air conditioner is working. And the fan works continuously when the mode is selected as On.

Setting up a manual Honeywell thermostat is very straightforward. To increase the temperature setting, turn the dial clockwise and to reduce, turn it anti-clockwise.

Non-Programmable Thermostat

This is the most basic type of thermostat, and it allows its users to set a single temperature for heating or cooling. However, to get a warm or cool house with a non-programmable Honeywell thermostat, you have to set the temperature manually.

You can turn on the backlight by pressing any of the buttons. The thermostats fan will work either Auto or On mode once the Fan button is pressed.

A non-programmable thermostat will work on, off, cold, or heat mode after pressing the System button. Another push to the button will allow you to change the setting. While changing the setting, you will see the current settings of the thermostat on the screen.

You will find an up and down arrow button on the right side of the thermostat. These buttons will assist you in changing the temperature. Get high temperature by pressing the Up arrow button, and lower temperature will be ensured with the Down arrow button.

Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats come with a unique feature that allows you to set your home temperature in an automatic 7-days schedule.

In fact, a programmable thermostat helps a person to save electricity costs. How? When you are not at home, you can effortlessly lower the inner temperature of your home. Moreover, setting up a specific temperature at night is also easy in Honeywell programmable thermostats.

Other settings like controlling the “Fan” and “System” and lowering or increasing the temperature is similar to other Honeywell thermostat settings.

Date and Time Setting

Through the “Set Clock/Day” button, you can set the date and time. Gently press the button, and you will see the time on the display. Now you have to set the correct time pressing the “Ahead” and “Back” buttons. Continue pressing the buttons until you reach the desired time. Don’t release the button until the time is correct.

After setting the correct time, again press on the “Set Clock/Day” button. Now a calendar will appear where you will need to set the days of the week. Again use the “Ahead” and “Back” buttons to get your required days.

Once both time and day are selected, locate the “Run Program” button and press it. During the Daylight Savings schedule, remember to Program the time only. And then again, press the “Run Program.”

Thermostat Programming

Honeywell thermostat settings offer 4 different settings 5 days a week: Leave, Sleep, Return, and Wake.

Most Honeywell thermostat models offer Wake and Sleep settings at the weekend.

Heat or Cool is the most recommended thermostat settings on weekdays. For this, you will have to press the “Set Schedule” button. Once you press this button, you will see the “Wake Mon-Fri” option on the screen. And then press “Set.”

Setting up the “Wake Time” is also simple with the “Time” buttons. “Temp” buttons allow its users to set the Temperature. Pressing the “Set Program” button will help you to leave the program area. For setting Leave, Sleep, and Return mode, follow the same procedure.

Until you see “Sat-Sun” mode in the display, continue pressing the “Set Schedule” button. The time and Temp button will let you set the “Wake Schedule” option. The chosen setting will be set once you press the “Set Schedule” button.

Once everything is finalized, gently press the “Set Program.” Now the Honeywell thermostat will continue controlling your home temperature following the chosen settings.

No changes will come in the setting until you change it.

Sum Up

Honeywell is a well-known manufacturer in the thermostat industry. Hopefully, this guide will help you to use any Honeywell thermostat quite effectively.

If you face any problem understanding Honeywell thermostat settings, it is recommended to read the instruction manual. Or you can make a call to the Honeywell customer service too. When operating your thermostat, it is significantly essential to take care of your thermostat’s warranty terms.

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