Honeywell Thermostat Blank Screen

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No worries if you see the Honeywell Thermostat blank screen! These last an extremely long time and if it is not dead yet, you can always fix it! Check these methods on fixing the blank screen without complications!

Methods of Fixing Blank Screen of Honey well Thermostat

So, what if your Honeywell thermostat goes blank suddenly? And how do you fix a blank thermostat at home? We have the keys!

The Switch

We are so fast to jump to a conclusion. But first, stay calm and check if the thermostat is turned off or not. At times, the thermostat is usually turned off and we think that the screen is blank. Someone can turn it off too! So, before you go through any other process, check if it is switched on or not. If not, turn it on to get the brightness.

The Brightness

The next mistake that we often do is thinking that the Honeywell thermostat’s screen is blank when it is actually switched to a low brightness level. Yes, this happens when the light of your room is too much or the sunlight is too bright, the low brightness of the thermostat will make you feel that the screen is blank.

However, the screen is not blank. Also, some Honeywell thermostat models have pre-configured settings that can set the screen brightness to low by itself if it comprehends that your room has too much light.

This helps in saving the battery. So, before you take any step, check the battery power first and the brightness. If it is low, then you must be thinking wrong.

Honeywell Thermostat

The Furnace Door

If you ask us why a thermostat goes blank, one of the major reasons is the furnace door. It should be closed for the thermostat to work properly. Honeywell thermostats are designed in a way that if the furnace door is opened or is not completely closed, the blank screen will appear before you.

It is an indication for you to close the furnace door. These thermostats are programmed to shut off if the door is opened or not closed fully. Whenever you see thermostats go blank, check the furnace door.

Dead Batteries

Yes, dead batteries can cause the thermostat to shut off which will show a blank screen. If you see your Honeywell thermostat screen blank after changing batteries, the batteries can be the reason. Either the battery is dead or the battery has some issues. If the batteries are dead, they won’t power the device. Replace the battery with the new ones and then switch it on once again to check if there is a blank screen still or not.

Display Malfunction

The thermostat being blank can be for the display issue too. When you see your Honeywell thermostat screen blank but fan works- it is either a display malfunction or simply the battery is dead. We talked about the battery already.

Here too, try to replace the batteries. Then, you have to press the reset button. Settle for a pen or a needle if you need it! The fan is working because the display will only show you the position of the fan and not the others.

Search for a specific switch in the base. It will show you the display controls the heat and A/C. However, it will not show the fan switch if it is not in the auto position. So, even if there’s no display, the fan will be turned on.

The Tripped Breaker

Most of the thermostats along with the Honeywell ones are added to your home with the help of a main electrical system. No matter you are using it in your home or the business; it is added to the place via a main electrical system.

At times, the thermostats will cause tripped breakers! Have you ever seen a hairdryer tripping the breaker? Yes, the method is the same. Also, another source of electricity can cause the same thing too. After you are done with the previous methods, you have to go through the breaker now.

After checking the breaker, if you see that the breaker has tripped, all you need is to get it back to its previous position. With your hands, flip it back. Once you flip the switch, it is turned on. Now go and check if the thermostat’s screen is working or not!

The Tripped Safety Switch

This method is completely related to the air conditioner of your house or business. At times, tripping can be the job of the air conditioner too. There can be some underlying issues with the HVAC system. And for these issues, at times, the transformers step transferring any voltage.

The thermostat doesn’t get any voltage to run. As a result, the thermostat goes blank! This can happen to the heating system of your house or business too! The safety switch is added to the drain pin for the AC. Sometimes, there is additional moisture within the system.

There can be high temperatures too. As these can cause damage, there is a safety switch added for detecting such moisture or high temperature. It is turned off to prevent any sort of damage beforehand. Check the sensor by checking the safety switch.  

If you see that the switch is turned off, it’s time to call a professional! Yes, only HVAC professionals can inspect it and solve it. Once the safety switch is back in its place after the experts have checked it, the thermostat will automatically work!

Broken Thermostat

Broken Thermostat

A thermostat lasts more than 10 years and in the case of Honeywell, the durability is higher. But if the thermostat is broken, chances are, you will see a blank screen. If you see that it is broken, it’s time to change it. Replace it with a new one.

How to fix a blank thermostat

Wrap Up

We have covered almost all the thermostat blank screen fixes here. All you need is a bit of patience and try a little. The thermostat by Honeywell will be back to normal once again within a few minutes!

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