The 6 Best Sump Pump Switch Reviews- New Edition

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When the sump pump fails to turn on or you see that the water is already down but your sump pump is not turning off, you have to understand where the problem is! Yes, your guess is right! We are talking about the most reliable sump pump switches. In a world where there are hundreds of float switches, there are only some best sump pump switches that can save the sump pump! 

And to save you from the dilemma, we have come up with the top sump pump switches of the market. Go through these amazing products and you will never regret buying them. Have a look!

Sump Pump Switch New Edition

Top Sump Pump Switch Reviews with a comparison chart

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Superior Pump 92010... Superior Pump 92010... 925 Reviews $30.54
3 HydroCheck Sump Pump... HydroCheck Sump Pump... 376 Reviews $79.99
4 PumpSpy Sump Pump... PumpSpy Sump Pump... 118 Reviews $25.99
5 'WaterBoss' Universal... "WaterBoss" Universal... 252 Reviews $29.99
6 Superior Pump 92005 25'... Superior Pump 92005 25'... No ratings yet $47.19

Our Recommended Top 6 at a Glance

Top 6 Sump Pump Switches Reviews

Superior Pump92341 Submersible Sump Pump Switch

Superior Pump 92250 Submersible Sump Pump

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with cast iron 
  • Durable and easy to operate 
  • Comes with 25’ cord 
  • High-grade components in craftsmanship 
  • NPT discharge of 1-1/2 inches 
  • Dual O-ring motor seals added 
  • Electronic split capacitor

When it comes to the float switches of the sump pump, you have to rely on the build quality. The construction materials along with the craftsmanship are very important to know if the float switch of the sump pump is durable or not. Here, this sump pump switch can afford you a durable service so that you can use this for a longer period. The construction of this sump pump switch is done with rugged cast iron. As this switch is engineered with high-grade components and is factory-tested, you can have faith in this switch. 

The movement of the sump pump is very important too. It is capable of moving 2760 gallons every hour. It is also capable of lifting the water to vertical 25’ height. Along with the whole sump pump switch kit, there is a cord added to it. The cord is 10 feet. 

This best sump pump float switch has a vertical switch. With this switch, it is capable of turning the sump pump on or off automatically. The capacity pumping of this sump pump switch is high. The NPT discharge of this device is 1-1/2 inches. It also includes a split capacitor that is electronically controlled. This best vertical float switch for the sump pump will require less energy and affords you more power. Along with this, the solid copper windings save energy more than the regular sump pumps can. Also, dual o-ring motor seals are added for keeping the water out of your house and keep your basement dry!

Zoeller 004892 Replacement Switch

Zoeller 004892 Replacement Switch Pumps

Highlighted Features

  • Made with high-grade materials 
  • Goes with 50 and 90 models
  • Comes with rubber seal 
  • Mounting bracket added 
  • Screws and plastic plug included 
  • Installation in breeze 
  • Instruction guideline added

Zoeller Company is amazing when it comes to home equipment. They have incredible sump pumps along with the sump pump switches. For any water needs, this brand comes up with incredible solutions. Whenever you see your sump pump is staying on and is not shutting off, you can use this switch there. Along with this switch, there is a rubber seal. This replacement switch goes with several models of Zoeller sump pumps. The models are 53, 55, 57, 59, and 97. Also, this sump pump replacement switch can work with the 98 models. 

This kit will come with a very small white plastic plug. Along with the plastic plug, you will get a gasket. For you, even if you are a newbie, it will not be too tough to install this replacement switch. There are some screws added to the kit. There is also a mounting bracket. 

However, you will surely need to find the perfect thread for installing this. There is an installation guideline book added with the box. This instruction book will help you install the whole thing easily and in less time. You can also go through some videos online. 

This reliable and sensible switch that is capable of bringing your sump pump back to like is amazing as with the touch of this, you will see the sump pump working again.

Superior Pump 92000 Tethered Float Switch

Superior Pump 92000 Float Switch

Highlighted Features

  • Universal in nature
  • Constructed with high-grade components 
  • Comes with mounting clamp 
  • Non-mercury activated switch 
  • Works with utility and sump pumps 
  • 10 feet cord added 
  • Waterproof power cord 
  • Piggyback plug added

In a world where the brands are only concerned with constructing a float switch for their sump pumps, you will be glad to know about this brand! Yes, we are talking about the Superior Pump company that is now one of the most hyped companies for water requirements in the houses of this country. This brand affords you amazing float switches that will work with your sump pumps even if the pumps are not of the same brand. 

These universal sump pump float switches are great for several branded sump pumps. You can use this with the sump pumps along with the utility pumps. The activated switch of this device is non-mercury and so, it takes care and protects you too! Along with the device, there is a power cord added. The power cord is 10 feet. On the other hand, the cord is water-resistant. As the cord might get into the water, the company ensured water resistance quality for the cord. Along with this, there is a piggyback plug added with the kit. 

This best piggyback sump pump switch is RU and CSA certified and so, you can rely on this product to keep the eyes closed. It has the highest running current of 10 Amp. As these are factory tested, you never get into any difficulties. It is engineered with high-quality materials and so, it will afford you stability too. 

The whole kit does not only include the float switch but it also includes a mounting clamp. So, you will not need to buy a separate mounting clamp. The float is larger than 2 inches.

Sump Alarm Waterboss Piggyback Float Switch

Water Boss Float Switch Sump Pump

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with polypropylene
  • Comes with 10 feet cable 
  • Cable made of thermoplastic 
  • Temperature ratings 31-140 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Rated up to ½ Hp or 13 Amp
  • Comes with 5 years warranty

No other companies in the market these days can afford you a warranty of 5 years which the Sump Alarm Company does! Yes, you heard right! If you get this float switch, you will not need to worry about this for 5 years because they are going to provide you with a warranty for five long years. The warranty of a product tells you about the quality of the product. 

The cable that comes with the float switch kit is about 10 feet long. And so, you don’t need to worry about the cable is short. On the other hand, there is a piggyback connector added with the float switch that will help you in connecting the device. Also, some cable ties are included in the box. 

This float switch is rated up with ½ Hp or 13 Amp. You will be able to get direct connections to the float switch from the sump pump. The temperature ratings of this sump pump float switch are from 31 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There are stainless steel balls to make the float switch work properly. In this best sump pump switch, there is also a double O-ring cable entry. The construction of this float switch is made with completely non-toxic polypropylene. The cable of this sump pump float switch is coated with a thermoplastic jacket or PVC. So, you don’t need to worry when it’s in the water! 

Wayne CDU980E Submersible Float Switch

WAYNE CDU980E HP Submersible Cast Iron and Stainless Steel Sump Pump

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with rugged cast iron 
  • Stainless steel motor housing 
  • No clogging at all 
  • Comes with an electric cord 
  • NPT discharge of 1-1/2 inches 
  • Minimizes airlocks 
  • Extension cord of 8 feet

When the construction of the product is done in a prestigious center, you can easily rely on the superiority of the product. In the times of choosing a float switch, you have to be careful because your expensive sump pump depends on the float switch. The parts of this float switch are assembled in the US. The NPT discharge of this device is of 1-1/2 inches. 

The construction of this float switch is done with cast iron. The cast iron is rugged so that you never compromise with the quality of the product. The motor housing is made of stainless steel. As it is made of stainless steel, water cannot harm it in any way. The float switch is vertically designed. 1 million cycles are tested with the help of this device. 

The suction pump is designed in a way where you can easily minimize the airlocks. On the other hand, it is capable of reducing the clogging from debris. The power source of this device is the cord. The electric cord is added to the kit.

Flotec Parts 2O FP18-15BD-P2 Sump Pump Float Switch

Pump Float Switch

Highlighted Features

  • Constructed with sturdy materials 
  • Easy installation 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Piggyback replacement added 
  • Can change utility pump into automatic 
  • Come switch instruction guide 
  • Reasonable in price

In comparison to the sump pumps, float switches are reasonable. But still, you have to do a little mathematics about the quality along with the performance of the float switch you are buying. If you want to settle for the quality then we recommend you get this float switch for your basement sump pump. This is manufactured in China and the build quality is really strong. 

On the contrary, the reasonable price of this float switch makes it one of the most affordable float switches on our list. As we have said that the quality is high, it can provide you with long-lasting service too. The most important fact is this float switch is easy to use. On the other hand, it is easier to install. The beginners in the sum pump sectors can easily install and operate this float switch. 

For the installation and the application, there is an instruction guide added with the kit. You can use it and know all of the processes by yourself. If you are into replacing the float switch then you have options too. You can rely on the piggyback so that you can get a replacement easily. 

If you have a utility pump in your house and you want to change it into an automatic pump you can take the advantage of this sump pump float switch! If your sump diameter is more or less 14 inches, you can use replace the vertical switch easily!

Buyer’s Guide for The Best Sump Pump Switch

To know about the perfect sump pump switch, you have to know the best type of sump pump switch. So, here you go! 

Tether Float Switch 

In this switch, there is a float tethered to the sump pump. If you have larger basins or you have a sewage pump, you can rely on this. With the water, the float will rise. In this way, the tether will flip the switch. As a result, the pump will get turned on. 

When the water level gets down, the float usually drops down too. As a result, the tether loosens. It releases the switch and the pump gets turned off.  

Vertical Float Switch 

Just like the tethered switch, the vertical switch works to turn on the pump. However, here, the float moves vertically up and down. If you have a smaller basin, you can get this vertical float switch for that. You have to remember that if you get a tether float for smaller pumps, the tether will get stuck. 

Piggyback Float Switches 

In the piggyback float switches, there are prongs on one side of it. On the other side, there is an extra outlet. If you need this float switch completely depends on the power cords that come from the sump pit. If there are two cords, you must go for the piggyback sump pump switch. The best part is if you want then you can easily unplug the cords from the wall. Also, you can separate the cords and then plug the pump indirectly with the help of the outlet. Here, you will not need the switch. 

Electronic Float Switches 

If you want to get something amazing, you can try the electronic switches for your sump pump. In these float switches, there is a piggyback plug added. You can easily put that into the wall outlet. All you have to do is plug in the sump pump into the rear part of the switch plug. Here, nothing will move. The internal sensor inside the float switch will be capable of detecting the water level.  

When the switch is triggered, the pump will turn on. The work of the switch is to transfer the power to the sump pump. When the water level gets down, the float switch is again triggered. As a result, the pump turns on. Get the best electronic sump pump switch if you have a large sump pump in your basement!

Sump Pump Switch info

FAQ About Top Sump Pump Switch

What is a piggyback switch on a sump pump? 

The float switches that include prongs on one side along with an additional outlet on the other side are called piggyback float switches. If your sump pump is large and your pump has two cords, you can easily use the piggyback float switch. Go through the power cords of the sump pump you have. If you see that there are double power cords, you can install the piggyback float switch in your sump pump. 

Do all sump pumps have floats?

The pipes of the sump pump usually have a one-way valve. It is named as a check valve. It is situated at the end so that the water is kept away from flowing back in the sump pit. In most cases, the sump pumps automatically turn on. With the help of the float activator arm, it turns on. In some cases, there is a pressure sensor for turning it on. 

Can you replace the sump pump float switch?

When you see that your sump pump is not turning on or off automatically, you must think that there is an issue regarding the float switch. The float switch of the sump pump needs to be replaced. Your float switch can break as there is debris. 

It can also break if you are not carefully using it. Let the sump pump run and get all the water of the basin removed by the sump pump. Now, go through different brands and get a float switch that matches with the sump pump model you have. You can easily replace it with the help of the instructions.

How do a sump pump float switch work in a tank

Final Verdict 

You never know when the float switch of your sump pump fails or stops working. In this case, you have to get prepared beforehand so that you can easily turn on or off the float switch and save the basement from getting flooded. 

The best option for you is to go through the float switches we have mentioned. These float switches are going to save you in days of crises. Save your basement, save your house! And don’t forget to tell us in the comment box about the most amazing sump pump switch you have used!

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