The 5 Best Sump Pump Alarm Reviews and Complete Guide

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In a world full of water, the only water you don’t want is in your basement. And if your basement is flooded with water, the possession in your basement will get damaged. On the other hand, the root of your house is there. And you do not want to damage the foundation of your house. 

To keep you safe, there are sump pumps. However, to make the sump pump work properly and to let you know when you should run the sump pump, there are sump pump alarms. 

Here, we will talk about the best sump pump alarms that are available in the market. Your work is only to go through the best sump pump alarms and make a list of your requirements. And then, all you got to do is pick up one from the list and sleep peacefully! 

Top 5 Sump Pump Alarms: Reviewed and Compared

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Superior Pump 92060 Sump... Superior Pump 92060 Sump... 309 Reviews $140.44
2 PumpSpy WiFi Sump Pump... PumpSpy WiFi Sump Pump... 756 Reviews $159.00
3 Sump Alarm Water Sensor,... Sump Alarm Water Sensor,... 103 Reviews $128.99
4 Moen S2000ESUSA Moen... Moen S2000ESUSA Moen... 34 Reviews $144.88

1. Superior Pump 92060 Sump Alarm

Superior Pump 92060 sump pump alarm


  • Constructed with thermoplastic 
  • Split capacity motor 
  • Can lift water vertically to 25’ height
  • Non-clogging vortex impeller used 
  • Can handle 2” solids 
  • High pumping capacity
  • Non-corrosive NEMA used 
  • 15 feet float switch

In the run of the best sump pump alarms of the market, you never get the right choice because you don’t know about the features of the sump pump alarms. However, the features of this sump pump alarm by Superior will surely amaze you. The material of this brand is of high quality and also affords you long term service. 

The enclosure of this sump pump alarm is made of NEMA which is completely non-corrosive. So, if you tend to worry about corrosion then you can stay worry-free. Water cannot harm the sump pump alarm if you are going for a non-corrosive alarm. 

This sump pump alarm is designed for indoor use. This sump pump alarm comes with a complete alarm facility. The float switch of this alarm is about 15 feet. Along with this, there is also a mounting clip. The battery backup of this sump pump alarm is about 9 volt which is incredible. However, the battery of this pump alarm does not come with it. So, you will need to buy the battery separately. 

This best 9-volt battery for sump pump alarm offers you amazing features. The alarm is 87 decibel and so, you can know exactly when to turn it off and save your basement from getting flooded. The alarm horn also has a low battery chirp. When it comes to the float switch, you must know that it affords your continuous duty. And the thermally protected motor tells you about the high-grade features of this sump pump alarm. You should also emphasize the motor because it is a split capacitor motor. 

The pump is capable of pumping up water to a level of 25’ vertically. So, you can stay that the pumping capacity is also high. On the contrary, the construction of this alarm is made of cast iron. The cast iron used here is rugged for ensuring quality. If you have 2 inches of solids in your basement, it can easily handle them and take them out of your basement. 

For ensuring the high capacity pumping, this sump pump has 2 inches large discharge. On the other hand, the construction of this sump pump includes thermoplastic. So, you can have this for a long service too. In the craftsmanship, there is also non-clogging vortex impeller use. 

2. Cellular Water Alarm-Best WiFi Sump Pump Alarm

Cellular Water Alarm


  • Cellular water alarm
  • Loud sound for alarms
  • Message notifications available
  • Easy installation
  •  Battery notifications available
  •  Comes with 6 mounting straps
  •  Float switch with digital water sensor
  •  Comes with AC power adapter
  • Reasonably priced

If you want to get alert directly, you can have faith in this cellular water alarm. This best WiFi sump pump alarm has an amazing capability of sending a notification to your phone directly. No matter it is about water detection or power outage, you will directly get the notification on your phone without any difficulty. So, you do not need to check your sump pump, again and again, going to your basement. You can have your phone beside you and you will get a notification when to go through the basement and change the settings of your water sump pump. 

The most interesting fact is you will get this sump pump alarm is a very reasonable rate. In most cases, sump pump alarms are inexpensive. But as you have already spent a lot in the sump pumps, this brand decided to keep the price of the pump reasonable. When you need the alarm to wake you up and tell you to go through the sump pump settings, you will need a loud alarm. And if you are a person that missed the regular alarm, you should get your hands on this alarm. It is because this alarm makes it tough for you to ignore it! Whenever the water is detected, you will hear a loud alarm that notifies you. 

For notifications of messages you receive, there will be chirps. Also, for the low battery levels, you will get chirps to notify you about the sump pump. When there are hundreds of sump pump alarms in the market that are tough to install, you will also get alarms that are easy when it comes to installation. And the installation of this alarm is a breeze. You will need minutes to install this and have fun! 

As you have to remove the cover and you will also need the batteries to get installed, you will need Phillips screwdriver for this purpose. Other than this tool, no other equipment or gear is required for the installation of the whole alarm. This alarm unit is cellular and it runs on AC power adapter. Along with this, a digital water sensor comes in. The length of this digital water sensor is about 15’. 6 different mounting straps also come with the whole kit. 

People keep asking about what is the sump pump alarm. In that case, you can select this alarm for getting the best facilities! With the alarm kit, you will get a float switch that is of 15’ long. So, you will not need any other thing for getting notifications when the water is going to damage your basement. For the easy installation, this kit comes with a guide for the proper installation.

The alarm is very small and the weight of this alarm is about 7 oz. So, carrying or storing this will not be an issue. This alarm has a small structure but it is high-tech. Along with the sump pumps, you can add this alarm to the drains or water pans. So, you will get every notification for preventing your pipes from getting frozen or from stopping the basement against damage.

3. Zircon Leak Alert Water Detector

Zircon Leak Alert Water Leak Detector


  • Multi-purpose sump pump alarm
  •  90dB of loudness
  •  SOSO alarm for flooded situations
  •  No wiring
  • Easy installation
  • No outlet required

The name already tells you about what it works for. Yes, this is an alert system for the water detector. This is also called a flood sensor. This sump pump alarm is designed for multi-purpose. It is a battery-operated water detector. So, it is run on the batteries. However, the batteries are not included here. As a result, you have to buy them separately for running the sump pump alarm. 

Whenever there is slight moisture in the basement, you will see that the water detector is running loud. If you are a lazy person or you do not give importance to a less loud sound, you will be glad about taking this sump-pump alarm. This alarm is too loud to take and eventually, you will surely get up from your bed and turn your sump pump on. It has a 90dB of loudness. 

When there is a flooded situation going on in your basement, you will see that the alarm is running continuously. As a result, you will be notified properly about this fact that you need to turn the sump pump on. Here, you will see the SOS alarm running. This alarm will run continuously to 72 hours. It might also run until the battery is running! 

This alarm is completely automatic. For the leak sensor, you will not need any sort of wiring. When the battery is almost dead, you will also get notified! The batteries are of 9V. You can place is sump pump alarm in your kitchen, bathroom and especially in the basement. The installation process is also easy for any newbie. 

4. Sump Alarm High Water Alarm

indoor outdoor high water alarm


  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  •  Weather-proof material used
  • LED pilot light
  • 90dB horn loudness
  •  Easy installation
  •  Comes with 6’ AC cord
  • 10 feet float switch added

When it comes to the sump alarms, the louder the sound the better it will be for you. And on that term, this alarm is the right choice if you want something really loud and hear able. This sump alarm has 90dB loudness. This alarm is designed for the sump pit and to tell you if there is any water in your basement or not. 

The important part about this best sump pump pit alarm is it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. So, if you are interested to have an alarm that can work equally amazing in both outdoor and indoor, you can have your hands on this one. The reason behind this is the material of this alarm. This alarm is made of weatherproof elements. Also, the enclosure ensures that the weather will not touch the elements inside. 

If you are tired of installing alarms that are tough to work with, you are probably doing it with the wrong alarm. People that want to make the work easier can go for this alarm. It has an effortless installation process where you will need only a few minutes to install the sump pump alarm. You can keep this alarm wall mounted as it has wall anchors for the wall mounting process. 

The cord that comes with this sump pump is 6’. This 6’ AC cord helps you to connect the alarm properly. Along with this, there is a float switch that comes with the whole kit of alarm. The float switch is 10 feet which are very long. You can easily connect the alarm with the sump that with the help of this long cord! 

5. Instapark Water Leakage Detection Alarm

Instapark Water Leakage Detection Alarm


  • 130dB of loudness
  •  44 inches cord added
  •  Suction cup included
  • Low-cost alarm
  • Easy installation
  • Easy removal
  • Comes with cleaning equipment
  • Covers 100 yards

If you want your works to be easier than before, you can try this water leakage detection alarm for your home. This makes all the works of installation to removing easier than before. You can do the installation within minutes. On the other hand, removing this sump pump alarm is also easy. If you are worried about the cleaning process of this alarm then it is also effortless. With the kit, there is a double-sided adhesive foam tape pad added. This pad is there is help you in the cleaning process of this sump alarm. 

Along with this, there is a suction cup in the kit that built-in. It will help you adding the alarm with any appliance easily. This alarm has advanced solid-state circuitry. So, you can have complete faith in this sump alarm to afford your long-term operation. In short, this alarm is pretty durable. 

This is an automatic water leakage alarm. Whenever there is any leakage or flood is detected, you will see this alarm running loud. Here, the best part is this alarm is low cost. Also, the operation method for this pump is very simple. 

It can easily help you in ignoring the property damage. It has 130dB loudness which is higher than the other alarms listed here. It can cover 100 yards or so. On the other hand, there is a cord added with the kit. This cord is 44 inches. So, it can easily cover the distance between the alarm and the sump. All you need to do is rely on this for your basement and have fun! 

How To Buy The Best Sump Pump Alarms

We all agree that sump pump alarms are inexpensive. But that doesn’t mean you can buy sump pump alarms every day. In most cases, sump pump alarms afford your service for the whole life. The work of the sump pump alarm is very less. 

But still, before you buy a sump pump alarm for the sump pit to save your basement, go through the buying guide we have mentioned. It will help you get the right sump pump alarm for your house! 


The sound of the alarm is the most important thing you need to consider when you are buying a sump pump. The sound decibels of this sum alarm should be considered as the most prominent factor in terms of choosing the alarm. When the emergency arrives, it is the responsibility of the sum alarm to notify you. However, if the sound is not loud enough to reach you, there is no reason for installing n alarm. 

So, before you get an alarm, you have to look down on the decibels of the alarm. Make sure that the sound is loud enough to be heard. When you are getting an alarm for the sump pump, ensure that the sound decibels if 85 or over it. 

Power Options

The sump pump alarms usually run with the help of electricity. However, there are also sump pump alarms that run on the battery. In the case of direct electricity, you have to make sure that your house has electricity regularly. 

If there is no electricity, the sump pump will not run. However, you can also go for battery-operated alarms. The battery backup models are best even if you go for the electricity models because it helps you to keep a backup if there is no electricity. 


In most cases, the installation of the sump pump alarms is complicated for new users. However, seasoned users do not usually feel too much confused about the installation process. On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that there are also alarms that are tough to install for the experienced people too. 

In this case, it is always better to settle for the easy sump pump alarms that can be operated without any complications. Make sure that the installation process is completely described in the instruction book. Also, you have to get the full functionality of the alarm you have bought. On the contrary, you can also hire a professional for this purpose. However, you will need to pay him a good sum of money for this work. 

Mobile Alerts

In this world of smartphones, everything should be on our hands. And when it comes to the sump pump, you have to make sure that it is capable of sending your notification on your mobile. Old people will not agree with this but for people these days, this is very necessary.

In these hectic days, you always stay away from your house. As a result, you can never be able to listen to the sound of the alarm no matter how loud it is. And so, the only method to reach you is your smartphone. 

Get an alarm that is capable of sending the alarm on your phone. Along with this, the battery details of the sump alarm and all other notifications sound are sent on your smartphone. This lets you know when to turn the sump on and makes your life easier.

FAQs About Top Sump Pump Alarms

What is the service life of the sump pump alarms?

In most cases, the sump pump alarm usually lasts a long time. The work of sump pump alarms is to run on when there is water. And to be honest, water in your basement gets up only a few times in your life. Once you buy an alarm for your sump pump, you will not need to change it. 
However, the alarms that are operated with the help of batteries will need their batteries to be changed. Also, the cords of the alarm might require changing sessions too. 

Can one install more than one sump pump alarm in a system?

If you want to install more than one alarm in the sump pump system, you are capable of doing it. Just like the way you install one sump pump, you can easily install the other one on this system.

However, if there is one sump alarm, you will not need the other one.
If you think that your one sump pump is not doing the work, you can get another one. If you get the right one, you will not need two for this work! 

How much do sump pump alarms cost?

If you compare the cost of sump pumps to the sump pump alarms then you will see that the cost of the sump pump alarms is relatively low. There are several types of sump pump alarms available in the market. 

The price of the sump pumps completely depends on the brand and the quality along with the construction material. Sump pump alarms will cost you less but will save you from higher damages.

Final Verdict 

Now you know all the details regarding the best sump pump alarms of the market. Getting the best sump pump is not enough because if you can’t stop the water, there is no reason for having the sump pump in your basement.

So, if you are prepared to stop the water from drowning your basement and you want to keep the possessions of the house safe, the best way that can work with your sump pump is the sump pump alarm. Get one in your basement and stay relieved from the worry of getting your basement flooded!

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