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5 Best Sewage Ejector Pump to Try This 2021

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Last Updated on June 20, 2021 by Bonnie C. Welling

A bathroom or laundry room that sits above the municipal level is something you can thank for. But if that’s not your case, the trouble of looking for the best sewage ejector pumpavailable for your needs come into play.

No doubt that these systems are pretty compulsory to keep the proper flow of wastewater into the sewer line. And so, you can’t really sidestep the issue. There are several models available that offer fantastic materials, sizes, horsepower and price points. We’ll talk about the top 5 picks of 2020 with a handy buyer’s guide to keep you moving on the right track…

best sewage pump for basement

Best Sewage Ejector Pump with Comparison Table

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Zoeller Waste-Mate... Zoeller Waste-Mate... 607 Reviews $404.25
2 BURCAM 400423P 3/4HP... BURCAM 400423P 3/4HP... 11 Reviews $589.63
3 Liberty Pumps P382LE41... Liberty Pumps P382LE41... 127 Reviews $506.25
4 RainBro 3/4 HP Cast iron... RainBro 3/4 HP Cast iron... 24 Reviews $179.99
5 JACKEL 1/2 HP Submersible... JACKEL 1/2 HP Submersible... 17 Reviews $169.99

Why Buy the Best Sewage Ejector Pump?

A house with a basement toilet will require a sewage pump to keep the flush able waste transported to the right place which is a septic tank. These are pretty good for areas that don’t come with municipal sewage collection options. And keeps the trouble of waste solids, bad smell, and germ-filled water far away.

A sewage pump can help you to deal with both solid and liquid wastes at the same time. This is not possible with a sump pump. Also, it comes with the electric power option to continue operating. You don’t have to waste time on regular maintenance.

Top 5 Sewage Ejector Pump Reviews 2021

1. Zoeller 267-0001 M267 Waste-Mate Sewage Pump – The Mega GPH Sewage Pump.

For the starting note, we surely want to emphasise the GPH of Zoeller 267-0001 M267 that can handle heavy needs all alone easily. It’s a pretty powerful option to go for, let’s know other things it offers.

zoeller 267-0001 sump pump


  • The USA made sewage pump.
  • 0.5 Horsepower with 115V of voltage.
  • The pump is ensured with factory tests.
  • 128 GPM ratio for max benefit.
  • Cast iron used strong construction quality.
More Detail on Zoeller 267-0001 M267:

The Zoeller 267-0001 M267 is a submersible sewage pump that comes with a complete factory testing manner. This ensures that there is less hassle or error happening with the tool and so, you can stay assured the performance will be worth the buy.

The model also includes a flat switch integral type. And this can operate automatically to keep you out from any confusing operation part. The switch works pretty well and does a fantastic job of controlling the waste.

It also includes a two inches NPT discharge. This part is pretty convenient at functioning and also it allows around two inches of spherical solids to pass easily. So, if you have a bad habit of flushing out solid tissues or paper towels, the Zoeller 267-0001 M267 can take care of it.

The Zoeller 267-0001 M267 also comes with a ratio of 129 GPM which is pretty high than average. You can use t at a five feet TDH. The shut-off works at 21’5 feet TDH and also it functions very nicely. The cast iron construction is trustable and there’s hardly any built-in fault noticeable to disturb the durability.

What We Think About Zoeller 267-0001 M267

The high GPH will surely open more doors to convenience with the Zoeller 267-0001 M267. It is a perfect budget pick that also is extremely popular and loved for being superior in quality. It tops the list with a presentable outlook, solid construction, nice functioning ability, and smooth operation.

The handle was not that impressive, to be honest, but that’s not a strong lacking point to avoid the other amazing features. So overall, we would surely recommend the Zoeller 267-0001 M267.

2. Wayne RPP50 Cast Iron Sewage Pump – Perfect for Below Grade Installations.

With the advanced float switch that is basically a piggyback tether type the Wayne RPP50 is a genius creation when it comes to providing a superior facility for below-grade installations.

Wayne RPP50 Cast Iron Sewage Pump


  • The float switch is piggyback tethered type.
  • A 5700 GPH flow rate is available.
  • Cast iron made durable construction.
  • 2 inches of solid waste handling design.
  • No plumbing changes required for replacement.
More Detail on Wayne RPP50:

The Wayne RPP50 rocks for being a pretty conventional style sewage pump that can handle waste and discharge it very gracefully to keep residential hygiene at its best. The first noticeable thing is the fantastic float switch this model includes.

It’s a piggyback tether type switch that can operate moderately and provides convenience or easy functioning of the overall mechanism. The ½ hp model is powerful enough to handle your regular waste worries and keep it away from causing trouble.

The durability is nothing we should question about. It comes with a cast iron construction that can handle pretty rough daily usage without stressing the overall usability. You don’t need to worry about any additional plumbing change to fit this elegant piece into the basement. It also ensures some parts assurance in case you need replacement later and the offer is valid till one year.

What We Think About Wayne RPP50

There are zero problems with the Wayne RPP50 when it comes to simple and straightforward installation. And that’s something every novice user will care about. The GPH is pretty fine for the budget and we also liked how it makes almost no sound to keep the space peacefully quiet. Overall, it’s surely a good purchase to go for.

3. Liberty Pumps PRG101A ProVore Residential Grinder Pump – The Power of a Patented V-slice Cutter.

If you want to deal with the solid waste along with the liquid ones then the Liberty Pumps PRG101A with a convenient grinder can come of great use for you.

Liberty Pumps PRG101A ProVore PRG Series Automatic Residential Grinder Pump


  • 115-volt available with the sewage pump.
  • Cast iron made heavy construction quality.
  • V-slice cutter with patented technology.
  • Tough solid bearable system.
  • Includes automatic switch.
  • Includes cord.
More Detail on Liberty Pumps PRG101A:

The imported quality Liberty Pumps PRG101A is a Rockstar when it comes to cutting and grinding down strong and solid waste before processing out. So, if you are from a family that can help with the habit of flushing out hard tissues and female pads into the toilet, the Liberty Pumps PRG101A can really help. This is the best sewage grinder pump in market now.

The construction quality is not questionable by any means due to a very wide choice of material. The manufacturer trusted the solid cast iron to pay the right amount of built quality and we can’t agree more. The Liberty Pumps PRG101A is a pretty good option to last for years.

The highlight of Liberty Pumps PRG101A is its patented V-cutter. This technology ensures there’s no solid waste available to cause overflow or sewage gas troubles later. The automatic switch works fine and it also includes a convenient ten feet cord.

It comes with 43 GPM of minimum flow rate at five feet head which is not the best but also manageably good. Overall, it can be a good bid for your money.

What We Think About Liberty Pumps PRG101A

We are not sure about how people would feel about the grinder making noise but the fact that this addition does a fantastic job at breaking solid wastes is something we can’t help but like. The Liberty Pumps PRG101A is surely a strong and capable nominee for a household that does not care much about flushing solid wastes sometimes. And if that’s the case with you, then the Liberty Pumps PRG101A can be a great basic concerned pump to try out.

4. Acquaer Sewage Pump – Works Quietly Without Making A Noticeable Presence.

Tired of pumps that make irritating noise and sound level that literally makes you want to throw it away? Well, with the Acquaer Sewage Pump this problem can sidestep your life pretty simple.

Acquaer 1/2 HP Durable Cast iron Sewage Pump


  • Cat iron made durable built-in quality.
  • 10 ft. cord included with the pump.
  • Piggyback switch included.
  • ½ Horse Power.
  • Easy installation process.
More Detail on Acquaer Sewage Pump:

The Acquaer Sewage Pump is a basic focused sewage pump that does an average amount of chore easily but in a good way. Sometimes the plain and straightforward of a machine is what one requires the most and the Acquaer Sewage Pump is a nominee in that category.

It comes with durable cast iron construction quality. You can expect it to go for a good number of years without the need for replacing it. Of course, occasional maintenance and part changing is necessary to keep it good just like any other sewage pump.

It also includes a ten ft. power cord that could have been a bit longer but for average usage that’s not bad, to be honest. The piggyback switch works pretty well at managing the discharge nicely. However, the switch could have been a bit better.

The Acquaer Sewage Pump is also a perfect pick for those who prefer quiet operation instead of the heavy sound of grinders. It comes with a nice mechanism that can work without making irritating noise.

What We Think About Liberty Pumps PRG101A

The strong built quality of Acquaer Sewage Pump is surely the main point where we start falling in love with it. The reliability of the brand makes it even more appealing keeping the budget in mind. With clear instructions, you can easily do the installation. The float switch does need some improvements but the overall quality pays back for the lacking so overall, it’s a fantastic pick.

5.Wayne RPP50 Sewage Pump – The Durability Tale is True.

If durability is what you find the most important category when picking a sewage pump, then look no further than the Wayne RPP50. It has qualities you will absolutely fall in love with regarding strong and sturdiness.

zoeller 267-0001 sump pump


  • Cast iron construction quality.
  • Included piggyback tether float switch.
  • 5700 GPH flow rate available.
  • Solid waste handling ability.
  • Placement possible without plumbing changes.
  • Replacement parts come with an assurance.
More Detail on Wayne RPP50:

The Wayne RPP50 really shines brightly whenever there’s a chat about durability. It comes with a special manufacturing technique of Wayne to ensure the utmost quality and long lastingness. The pump comes with complete cast iron construction and the quality of this material is truly perfect to manage regular waste discharge.

The Wayne RPP50 also comes with a floating rate that is ideal for most residential houses. It provides around 5700 GPH. You can expect around 3240 GPH at ten ft. of discharge. The included float switch works pretty okay. It is the piggyback tethered styled switch with conventional function ability.

It can also handle solid wastes easily. You can expect to be carefree about solid wastes that are two inches and the 2-inch NPT will be capable to discharge it easily. The Wayne RPP50 is perfect for below-grade installations and basements.

You can expect to fit it within the existing plumbing system without making any changes. There’s a useful part replacement assurance available for one year from the buying date as well.

What We Think About Liberty Pumps PRG101A

The Wayne RPP50 is very user-friendly and easy to install category appliance that we found pretty useful for beginners especially. It is also quite noised free to keep your household maintain a peaceful environment. We also liked how the pump drains water conveniently without making mistakes. We wished the controls were a bit less confusing. Overall, it’s an ideal bid for your money.

Choosing the Best Sewage Ejector Pump

It’s pretty tiring to figure out that one particular model that will work best for you. But using some common knowledge you can do that. Here are some basic factors that you need to consider before making a purchase.

  • Good durability is a must when picking a sewage pump for your household. Anything that breaks off easily or gets ruined is a big no. Cast iron is known for providing optimal construction quality that ensures longevity.
  • To measure the power of the motor, you need to consider the HP or horsepower of a certain model. Make sure you pick a sewage pump with a high horsepower rating that enough for your regular usage. For residential usage, ½ HP is an ideal rate.
  • The pump flow rate will decide the gallons of water pumped every minute or hour. Usually, it’s referred with GPM or GPH. Have a look at these numbers and make sure it’s capable to deal with our house’s waste production.
  • The pump flow rate will decide the gallons of water pumped every minute or hour. Usually, it’s referred with GPM or GPH. Have a look at these numbers and make sure it’s capable to deal with our house’s waste production.

What is sewage ejector pump- Best Septic pump system

Step by Step Installing Sewage Ejector Pump

Installing a sewage ejector pump with the help of plumber might cost you a lot. If you have to give a little effort, you can install the sewage ejector pump by yourself.

Check the step by step process as a guide to install the pump at home

Installation Necessities

  • Sump basin
  • Vent pipe
  • Check valve
  • Sludge outlets
  • Electric outlet
  • Gaskets
  • Grommets
  • Screws and Washers

Step 1: Check the Measurement

Though the sewage grinder pump installation looks similar to the sewage ejector pumps, the installation processes are quite different. To install the ejector pump, firstly, you have to go through the measurements.

The size of the sump cover is necessary here. Before all the plumbing and required installation, the sump basin is installed.

You have to remember that the sump pit of the kit will be 30 inches deep. So, if you want to get the perfect result, you have to note down the circumference first.

All the information is usually on the manufacturer’s booklet. Check it and know the details. After that, you have to mount the sump basin.

Step 2: Piping

With the help of the piping, the vent and the discharge connections work. So, you cannot deny that piping is a crucial factor in installing a sewage ejector pump.

First of all, you have to check the discharge point on your pump. If you are worried about the Teflon tape, then let us ensure you don’t need it!

For this, take a threaded male adapter of 2-inch. With this one, you can easily have an indirect slip fix with your discharge pipe.

When you are dealing with the discharge PVC, make sure that you keep it long. For adding the check valve, you will need this.

Also, when it comes to discharging the main drainage connection, a long PVC is required.

According to the process, you must keep 3 inches long PVC extra from the basin cover here.

Step 3: Setting the Basin Cover

Now that you are done with the pump system’s piping, you have to move to the ejector pump and its setting.

First, take the ejector pump in the sump basin. All you have to do is reduce it from moving too much.

So, attach it with the discharge pipe by tying it. You have to keep it away from the inlet.

In some cases, people often set it behind the discharge pipe so that there are fewer movements.

The float switch is usually kept away from the inlet pipe. It helps in keeping the float switch away from clogging.

Step 4: Check the Holes

In this situation, you are ready to put on the basin cover. The basin cover includes three separate holes.

One hole is for the drainage pipe, and the other one is for the vent pipe. The last hole will be for electrical cords.

You will get the necessary equipment like the grommets, gasket, and the screws to install it. Keep the bolt holes parallel to keep the process perfect.

Step 5: Fitting the Holes

There will be some pipes that will come out of your basin. Make sure that these fit the lid cover holes correctly.

You have to take the grommets and make them fit with the three different holes. Now, take the gasket and set it inside.

It helps to seal the inside portion correctly. Do not rip off the gasket at first. Check the tank lip and certify that it is neat and clean to stick with it.

Step 6: Setting the Gaskets

Now you have to turn to the gaskets. There will be three different gaskets here.

These are for different holes in the basin cover. Install them and ensure that gas is unable to escape.

Once you are sure that the gaskets have sealed the cover making the basement safe, you are ready to move to the next step.

Step 7: Setting the Grommet

There are two different holes in the cord government. These are designed in a way that they split into different sides—this helps in letting the cords slip through the hole without any complication.

You have to connect the pipes and cords in this step. Push the grommet and put a decent amount of pressure.

You will see that it will stick to the lid of your basin. Place the gasket and then move to the grommet.

Check the washers and the bolts and set them up. Use some anti-seize lubricant and protect the screws and bolts.

Step 8: Installing the Check Valve

Now that you are done with the gasket, grommets, and screws, you have to move your hands on the check valve.

If you do not use a check valve, the water you have used will run back to the tank! Yes, this doesn’t sound very pleasant!

And to stop it, you have to install the check valve. While installing it, keep it horizontally.

If you want to make your sewage pump for septic tanks perfect, you can also add a ball valve on top of the previous valves. It will make the disconnection of sludge easier.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best sewage ejector pump?

The best sewage grinder pump should be able to serve you for around 8 to 10 years. Sometimes the longevity crosses 20 years mark as well. The built-in, reliability, functioning, construction and other features need to be humble enough to serve you that long. And a pump that looks promising in all these points is what you should consider best for you.

Who makes the best ejector pump?

There are many reliable brands that are deserving of being called the best but also you need to understand that not all manufacturers’ construction styles will work best for you. And so, if you are asking for the reliability of rand, then surely Wayne, Acquaer, Liberty, Superior and Zoeller are some of the well-known brands that make quality sewage ejector pumps.

How long does the sewage ejector pump systems last?

Depending on usage, environment, and quality, the years of lasting for sewage pumps will always vary. However, you can expect it to work for almost ten years with heavy-duty functioning to twenty years of thorough maintenance.

Final Verdict

Finding the best sewage ejector pumpthat works according to your expectations is hard but not impossible. To be honest, with proper guidelines and research you can get yourself one without spending a fortune. Just make sure you pay attention to the key features while making a choice and half of the job should be done.

Good Luck at Making a Smart Choice!

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