Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump – Ultimate Guide

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Power failures are always troublesome. Moreover, it can become your worst enemy when you are dependent on a sump pump to protect your basement from flooding. Thanks to the best battery backup for the existing sump pump, it ensures that the pump is running in such situations.

Sump pump battery backups are imperative as they don’t rely on electricity. These battery-powered units provide a decent backup to your pump during a power outage and guarantee dewatering operation of your pump doesn’t stop.

Several questions might have popped up in your mind; one of them is what is the best battery backup sump pump? To help you make a precise buying decision, continue reading this backup sump pump systems review.

Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump

What is the Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump?

Best Overall: Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump Battery Backup System

Audible alarm sounds, convenient to read LED screen, protective battery case, etc., make it a distinctive sump pump battery backup system.

Best for the Construction: Superior Pump 92900 Battery Back-Up Submersible Sump Pump

Constructed with tough thermoplastic, guaranteeing the longevity of the unit.

Best User-friendly Unit: Basement Watchdog BWSP Battery Backup Sump Pump System

The user-friendly control panel allows you to diagnose and control the backup system.

Best for Rural Areas: PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump System

A 0.5HP pump lifts water from 22ft. depth, making it one of the best options for rural areas.

Best Efficient Performer: Zoeller 507-0005 Battery Backup Pump

During power failure, it offers continuous 6-hour backup in a single charge to your sump pump.

Best for the Water Flow Rate: Wayne WSS30VN 12V Battery Backup System

Almost 5100 GPH capacity at 0 ft., it is a convenient choice for preventing basement flooding.

Best for Reliability: Pump Sentry 822PS Emergency Power for Sump Pumps

It is an automatic recharge battery engineered with 1200W backup power, ensuring dependable performance.

Best Ease of Installation: Raybend Primary Sump Pump Backup Power System

The unit comes with all required components, allowing the user to install it without hassle.

Top Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump- Table with Price and Rating

8 Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump in 2022

We enlisted 8 devices according to the recommendations from industry experts. Also, we looked at the customer reviews to learn about the selected product’s functionality, durability, and performance.

1# Best Overall: Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump Battery Backup System

Best Overall


Material: Epoxy-coated Steel Cast Iron
Power Source: Air Powered
Voltage: 12V
Item Weight: 13.5 lbs.
Item Dimension: 17”X10.5”X14” (LXWXH)
Maximum Water Flow Rate: 2,900 GPM

Wayne ESP25 Upgraded 12-Volt Battery Backup System
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Take care of your basement by installing the Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump Battery Backup System. The body is made of steel cast iron and has a cast-iron base, making it sturdy and powerful – exactly what a consumer requires. In fact, it is designed to last for years.

The item’s dimension is compact, allowing the user to install it in a confined space. Moreover, the installation process is so simple. Its outer body is painted with anti-corrosion paint, maximizing the unit’s durability.  

Compatibility is one of the great features of this combination battery. It has an output of 12V, making it compatible with most sump pumps. Also, the system comes with a power of 1/3 HP, which makes it powerful enough to provide the required power to your pump to continue the dewatering process in the event of a blackout.

Additionally, it is equipped with an audible alarm, and an easy-to-read LED display. The alarm notifies the user when it is active. At the same time, it alarms when there is a problem in the unit. Moreover, the LED display provides the status of the battery. You will love to know that smart charging technology brings the battery to an optimum level.

Its pumping capacity is 1680 GPM @ 10ft. on a single charge; the device offers 26 hours of efficient service. All in all, the ESP25 12V backup system protects your basement with hours of pumping power.

  • Durable epoxy stainless steel body
  • Cast-iron base
  • Highly responsive
  • Smart charging technology
  • Ready to provide backup during an emergency
  • Small battery box

2# Best for the Construction: Superior Pump 92900 Battery Back-Up Submersible Sump Pump


Material: Thermoplastic
Power Source: AC
Voltage: 12V
Item Weight: 12.5 lbs.
Maximum Water Flow Rate: 1380 GPH
Item Dimension: 13”X10”X16.5” (LXWXH)

Superior Pump 92900 12V Battery Back Up

Main pump failure or power outage can stop the dewatering process of your sump pump. This way, the damage will happen to your basement. In this case, the Superior Pump 92900 Battery Back-Up Submersible Sump Pump would be a lifesaver for sure.

This submersible pump is efficient enough to lift a maximum of 25” in vertical height with 1380 GPH. It includes a tethered switch, letting the device on and off automatically. In addition, high-capacity pumping is confirmed with its 1 ¼” NPT discharge.

Moreover, thermoplastic construction makes it corrosion-resistant. At the same time, other parts are made with quality components such as solid copper motor winding, double O-ring seals on the motor plate, etc. Furthermore, it is 100% tested to ensure optimum performance. Overall, the construction gives it a sturdy look, providing many years of efficient service.

The battery box is designed in such a way so that AGM marine batteries can fit into it. Also, the control panel is equipped with an 87dB alarm which will sound when power loss occurs, or the backup pump gets activated. More interestingly, reverse polarity protection will sound an alarm if the battery is hooked up backward. On the other hand, if the voltage drops less than 10.8A, a low battery voltage alarm notifies the user.

It is a good setup that seems to continue to work and give you peace of mind. You will also be really happy with the ease of installation.

  • Corrosion-resistant construction
  • Low battery voltage alarm
  • Premium-quality built
  • The tethered switch turns on and off the device automatically
  • Thermoplastic battery box fits AGM marine battery quite effortlessly
  • Manual reset alarm button

3# Best User-friendly Unit: Basement Watchdog BWSP Battery Backup Sump Pump System


Power Source: Corded Electric
Voltage: 12V
Item Weight: 5.4 kg
Maximum Water Flow Rate: 8.33 GPM
Item Dimension: 5”X9”X7.63” (LXWXH)


Say “bye-bye” to your worries because the Basement Watchdog BWSP Battery Backup Sump Pump System will keep your sump pump running in tough weather. It is a cost-efficient option, the best choice for those tight on budget.

This decent performer filters out water up to 2,500 gallons at 0ft. In addition, if the water level increases to 10ft., the unit discharges 1,750 gallons of water quite efficiently. You will rarely find a backup sump pump system with these features.

Taking assistance from its user-friendly control panel and a sensor, you can conveniently monitor the whole system’s performance. Its performance is guaranteed with the included dual float switch, a battery box, a charger, and a controller. Moreover, if there is any potential problem within the system, it beeps or lights up to notify you.

It comes with a sleek and compact body measuring 5”X9”X7.63”. As a result, it fits in a confined space without creating any space issues. With straightforward instruction, a single person can install it without trouble. The battery performance is also impressive, which discharges a high water level at a single charge.

Compared to the tremendous hassle and expense of cleaning up a flooded basement, taking care of the Watchdog system is a breeze. You will never be unprepared during basement flooding with this system installed in your home.

  • User-friendly control panel
  • Compact size
  • Responses quickly in the crisis moment
  • Dual float switches for ultimate protection
  • Automatic sensor to alert probable issues within the system
  • It requires frequent maintenance

4# Best for Rural Areas: PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump System


Material: Plastic
Power Source: AC/DC
Voltage: 12V
Item Weight: 12.97lbs
Maximum Water Flow Rate: 60 GPM
Item Dimension: 16”X17”X11” (LXWXH)

PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump

The PumpSpy PS2000 WiFi Battery Backup Sump Pump System monitors your sump pump 24X7 and provides the required support in the crisis. With its automated status checking technology, you will have complete monitoring availability.

This backup sump pump system is suitable for rural areas residential units. Its built-in pump comes with 0.5HP, allowing it to lift water up to 22ft. maximum range. Its highest and lowest GPH limit is 2990 @ 5ft and 1650 @ 15ft. respectively.

You can effortlessly install it in a confined area for its 16”X17”X11” measurement. Moreover, due to the device’s high-density plastic construction, it becomes lightweight. So, you can easily move it to different places. On the other hand, the battery capacity is 12V, allowing you to use the device with most pumps directly.

In addition, the unit has 13,000 gallons of water lifting capacity for each battery cycle. More importantly, it is designed with a multi-functional alarm system. You will be notified on time about the level of charging and water. Simultaneously, it features a dual float switch, beneficial for startups. The pump itself is fully worth the cost.

Interestingly, the most amazing feature is the free WiFi monitoring phone apps with associated SMS alerts. It gives you peace of mind and allows you to assess your sump pump and backup systems usage and state remotely and easily.

  • 24X7 remote monitoring
  • An automatic high-performance backup pump
  • WiFi compatible unit Sends instant alerts to your mobile device
  • Needs less area to install
  • Fully automated
  • Product damage may happen due to the plastic construction

5# Best Efficient Performer: Zoeller 507-0005 Battery Backup Pump


Material: Polyethylene
Power Source: Battery Powered
Voltage: 12V
Item Weight: 13.35 lbs.
Maximum Water Flow Rate: 35 GPM @ 10ft.
Item Dimension: 7”X7.75”X12” (LXWXH)

Zoeller 507-0005 Basement Sentry Battery Backup Pump

Are you looking for a complete package to keep your sump pump running in a power outage? Don’t look further and buy the Zoeller 507-0005 Battery Backup Pump. It comes with almost everything, allowing you to track the water level in your basement.

It offers a high-performance backup of 6 hours without any break. The pump is rigorously tested to give you a water flow rate of 35 GPM at 10ft. Also, it provides the required backup to the main sump pump in extreme weather conditions or blackouts.

Your sump pump and the battery are combined with protection systems, automatic activation, and charging. Moreover, you will get a prompt alert if something goes wrong with the help of its alarm system and low battery light indicator. Besides, you will get full freedom to check, diagnose and control the whole system for its Z-control panel.

With its pre-set DC pump check valve for discharge measurement, installing the unit is straightforward. You will also get an adapter, AC pump check valve, and a tee, allowing you to install it without taking assistance from a professional. In fact, it helps you save a few bucks. On the other hand, a non-corrosive Polyethylene battery case confirms superior protection to the electrical components from fluids.

This system is quiet, reliable, easy to install and use. It is a great product, keeping your sump pump going when the power is out and saving the basement from flooding.

  • No manual operation is necessary
  • Convenient installation process
  • Low maintenance unit
  • Provides sufficient support to the primary pump in the power failure
  • Non-corrosive polyethylene battery case
  • Lower depth limit

6# Best for the Water Flow Rate: Wayne WSS30VN 12V Battery Backup System


Material: Cast Iron
Power Source: Air Powered
Voltage: 12V
Item Weight: 44.7 lbs.
Maximum Water Flow Rate: 5100 GPH
Item Dimension: 23.5”X18.25”X14” (LXWXH)

Wayne WSS30VN Upgraded Combination

The Wayne WSS30VN 12V Battery Backup System is an incredibly powerful unit equipped with a 1/2HP motor that can move a maximum of 5100 GPH @ 0ft. of the head. More importantly, the available backup pump (1/4HP) with the primary pump is powered by an external 12V battery. This means it provides peace of mind by discharging water from the basement if the power goes out.

Many people complain that their combination pump creates too much noise. You will love to know that this model generates the utmost little noise. Furthermore, epoxy-coated steel and cast iron-constructed exterior protect the motor from a different element.

On the side of the unit, you will find an exterior vertical float switch to activate the model. When the water level increases, the large white part of the switch rises. The pump starts operating automatically once the switch hits the “on” level and drains all the excess water through the discharge pipe. Besides, it is designed with improved quality and reliability.

The AC pump delivers unsurpassed protection. Its switch is tested 1,000,000 times, up to 10X times more compared to rivals. The entire unit comes fully assembled and can be installed within 15 minutes. It is a low-maintenance unit that you won’t need to check the battery status every few months.

Overall, the battery backup is great, and its alarm is very loud. A loud alarm sounds when there is a power failure and when the backup pump is activated.

  • A powerful primary and backup pump
  • Ultra-quiet not to disturb you
  • Waterproof
  • Provides required protection when you need
  • Pre-assembled basement protection system
  • Check valve needs to buy separately

7# Best for Reliability: Pump Sentry 822PS Emergency Power for Sump Pumps


Material: Aluminum
Power Source: Corded Electric
Voltage: 12V
Item Weight: 17lbs.
Maximum Water Flow Rate: N/A
Item Dimension: 17”X6”X3” (LXWXH)

Pump Sentry 822 PS- Emergency Power for Sump Pumps

Reliable performance from a sump pump battery backup is of utmost crucial. This Pump Sentry 822PS Emergency Power for Sump Pumps is well-known for its reliability in the event of a power surge. It is an automatic recharge battery engineered with 1200W backup power, ensuring dependable performance.

Don’t get fooled looking at this battery backup’s corded electric power source feature. It is capable of interchanging from AC to DC or DC to AC automatically during the blackout, making it exceptional from other units. When connected to a power source, it simply sits back and recharges. The device gets activated automatically in a power failure to support the sump pump.

It is compatible with most 1/3HP sump pumps, providing backup power in extreme weather. Moreover, the battery doesn’t take much space for its compact 17”X6”X3” measurements. You can install it almost anywhere, either on a wall or a flat surface, with the help of included screws.

Rugged aluminum housing is one of the best features of this device, guaranteeing its longevity. Additionally, the internal components are protected, ideal for heavy-duty use. Besides, it offers a clean and silent operation.

Customers are 100% satisfied with the performance of this unit. It provides peace of mind when the weather is incredibly rough or in flooding. For its durable construction, it offers a prolonged period of service.

  • Audible alarm for low battery
  • Battery charge status indicator
  • Compact size
  • Sturdy aluminum housing
  • It can be mounted both on wall and surface
  • Little bit expensive

8# Best Consistent Performer: Raybend Primary Sump Pump Backup Power System


Material: Aluminum
Power Source: Battery-powered
Voltage: 12V DC
Item Weight: 16.17 lbs.
Maximum Water Flow Rate: N/A
Item Dimension: 25.1”X11.6”X6.6” (LXWXH)

Raybend Primary Sump Pump Backup Power

The Raybend Primary Sump Pump Backup Power System is one of the best preventions for basement flooding. It is committed to providing consistent performance in backing up your sump pump when there is no electricity in your area.

It reliably handles either 2 sump pumps of a maximum 6.25 A each at the same time or 1 sump pump of a maximum of 12.5 A. When AC power goes out, the unit automatically switches from 12 VDC to 120VAC. On the other hand, it reverts automatically when AC power is reactivated.

A remarkable feature of this model is the internal cooling system. This feature gets activated automatically to guarantee a safe temperature. The inverter constantly maintains the battery and kicks in immediately when the power is out. It is an added advantage that you can power other things during an outage.

It comes with connection cables to connect to the battery, which is high quality and flexible. The battery cables come with crimped connections on both ends, confirming a reliable connection. Also, this feature protects the connection from environmental conditions such as moisture, sand, dust, and dirt. More importantly, it meets or exceeds CE electrical safety regulations.

The unit was very easy to install. You can mount it on the basement wall with the battery on a shelf just below it to keep everything “out of the way.”

  • Supports 12.5A sump pump in blackout
  • Performs as a power inverter for other applications that need backup power
  • Hassle-free installation
  • It features an audible alarm to notify you when the battery is faulting
  • The internal cooling system guarantees safe temperature
  • The power supply and the battery are heavy.

Buying Guide – How to Buy the Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump

To get maximum effective performance from your sump pump, ensure your selected model comes with the below considerations.

Durable Construction

The backup system has both incorporated a sump pump and battery. Then it would be best to look for a system made of meta-framework. In this case, an aluminum-constructed model is the best option for its lightweight and anti-corrosion feature.

Additionally, most models are confined in a casing. At this point, the casing should be made using heavily dense polyurethane. Thus, the battery’s internal components will remain safe from external collisions. Moreover, fluid will not be able to enter the system. Furthermore, it makes the installation process convenient compared to mounting.

Pump and Battery Performance

A backup system with a 12V AGM-type battery would be the best choice for sure. These battery types are better than typical deep cycle or lead-acid batteries. Also, AGM batteries don’t require frequent maintenance, such as refilling with distilled water or acid. They are anti-corrosive too.

While, if the backup system is an incorporated pump, it should have a discharge capacity of 30,000 GPH between the depth of 0 – 10 ft. The minimum water sucking depth must be 22 ft. Moreover, the pump needs to be equipped with a ½ HP motor which can conveniently run by the backup battery.

Digital and Electrical Features

Whether your selected model is a battery or pump, it should hold an automatic activation system. A digital control panel will be more beneficial to show the system’s reading. Thus, keeping track of the system’s health will be easier.

Simultaneously, automatic switching between AC to DC and vice versa will be an additional benefit. This feature will help the system restart the dewatering process without losing time.

If your budget is not tight, go with a WiFi-enabled model. You can comfortably synchronize the system with your smartphone and monitor the system’s status 24X7. You will get updated information regarding charging level, water level, battery health, etc. More importantly, climbing down to the basement will become unnecessary when your selected model features WiFi.

Safe Installation

Generally, sump pumps are installed in the crawlspace. Look for a compact-sized battery backup system; otherwise, the installation process will be challenging.

Moreover, buy a system with both surface mountable and wall-mountable features. In addition, a dual float switch will offer an extra advantage.

Furthermore, avoid buying a bulky model. A lightweight model offers quick maneuverability. Quick assembly and the pre-assembled feature will help you install your selected unit without taking assistance from any tool.

How to Install the Best Battery Backup for Existing Sump Pump?

The market is full of 2 different backup systems for sump pumps. One type is a combined package: a portable sump pump and a battery. The other one is the backup battery system only.

Connecting cables are available with both types, allowing you to make a connection between the sump pump and AC power source. You can conveniently install the best battery backup sump pump system following the below steps.

Step 01: Find a suitable space for installing the backup system. The space can be on the wall or a flat surface.

Step 02: Before installing, make sure the power source and backup system are turned off. Next, connect the backup system and AC power outlet.

Step 03: Install the check valve and float switches properly.

Step 04: Now, turn the switch on of the backup unit. Check and ensure every connection is perfect. Don’t activate the system until you are confirmed the connections are safe.

Step 05: Avoid unwanted accidents by keeping all the cables and connections away from the flow of the water.

Wrap Up

The weather is getting problematic and unpredictable every year. For this reason, installing a sump pump in your basement is not everything; you need to install the best battery backup for the existing sump pump for continuous pumping of water during a power outbreak.

These units are efficient enough to provide the required support to your installed sump pump for break-free working. At the same time, they track and monitor the basement water level, assisting you in avoiding unwanted situations

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