5 Best Luxury Bathroom Faucets Reviews – Updated 2022

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Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by Alexander A. Smith

A superior bathroom look, water-saving abilities, no flow power sacrificing! All of these are an after result you see once you get the right bathroom faucet.

There are quite a few best bathroom faucet brands that provide optimal quality models. After owning one model, you may come across a situation where changing a valve or trim seems important for, let say up-gradation or replacement. In that case, we’ll be providing 4 picks that you should go for.

Also, we would talk about the most reliable brands out there.

What Are the Best Bathroom Faucet Brands?

Before we jump into the review section, let’s talk about some of the most popular and deserved to call the best brands for faucet, replacement parts, trim kits, and other accessories.

For the first place, we have Moen bathroom faucets. These are super flexible at providing amazing features for both faucet and their parts. The consistency and elegant design that they bring are truly unmatchable.

Also, Kohler bathroom faucets are fantastic. They are one of the most popular brands that arrange for excellent looking faucets and parts for an affordable price range. For fixture shopping, these are probably the finest at quality and performance, sometimes to the level of expensive ones.

Best Luxury Bathroom Faucets – Comparision Table With Updated Price

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Luxury Bathroom Vanity... Luxury Bathroom Vanity... 411 Reviews $109.99
2 SR SUN RISE Bathroom... SR SUN RISE Bathroom... 3,577 Reviews $339.90
3 POP Black Shower Faucet... POP Black Shower Faucet... 527 Reviews $159.90
4 KOJOX 12 Inch Shower... KOJOX 12 Inch Shower... 216 Reviews $299.99
5 SR SUN RISE Slide Bar... SR SUN RISE Slide Bar... 221 Reviews $253.99

5 Bathroom Faucets Parts – Complete Reviews

To take care of your worries about fixing even the best bathroom faucets for hard water or soft water, we have collected 4 top models from the above-mentioned best brands that really rocks in providing quality parts in terms of feature, budget, usability, performance & durability.

Moen T2152BN Brantford Shower Valve Trim Kit – Best Pick for High Water Consumption.

The seek for an intricate architecture rocking features that surpass time is what makes us come to Moen T2152BN. The brilliantly designed trim kit has a detail-enhancing ability to your shower.

Moen T2152bn

Key Features

  • The gorgeous warm-grey metallic look.
  • Valve required for installation.
  • Fantastic water pressure maintenance with the right valve.
  • Controllable temperature.
  • Compatible with Brantford Collection faucet and accessories.

More Details on Moen T2152BN:

Moen supplies are as always pretty and gorgeous in matter of look, the Moen T2152BN is no different. It comes with a warm-grey metallic feel because of the elegantly applied nickel finish. The quality of the finish is quite good, it seems to last pretty long.

You can easily install using the kit after getting the required valves. It suits well with 2510,2520,2570 and also 2590. The installation does not take a pretty long time, which is a relief for beginners.

The warm and inviting appreciative killing fixture also shines brightly in flexibility providence. The Moen T2152BN comes with the M-Pact common valve mechanism. if in near future you want to go for a different style of faucet up-gradation, there will be no replacement needed.

The Moen T2152BN also comes with amazing water pressure as well as a fantastic temperature once you fit it with the right Posi-Temp valve. The kit also fits under the ADA requirements and this makes it suitable for Brand font collection. And to finish it off, this amazing deal also gets a limited lifetime supported warranty, fabulous!

What We Think About Moen T2152BN:

With a foolproof 5 years warranty and amazing traditional design setup, the Moen T2152BNisa perfect pick with a durable finish that lasts close to a lifetime. It’s surely one great choice and we would surely encourage you to get one. Just make sure to buy a valve separately.

GROHE 19457001 Concetto Pressure Balance Valve Trim – Best Pick for Temperature Control Benefit.

The diverse design with a super slick outlook is what you can expect from GROHE 19457001. It’s one classic model that offers great value with all the modern technologies coming together in it.

GROHE 19457001 Concetto Pressure Balance Valve Trim

Key Features

  • Beautiful chrome finish
  • Lever handle coming along.
  • Pressure balancing ability.
  • Wall-mounted design.
  • No Body-concealing.

More Details on GROHE 19457001:

We love how sleek and classy the GROHE 19457001 is in terms of design and features. The use of high technology does make it a seamless choice in this sensible price range, which we surely appreciate.

We noticed the chrome finish is applied really well. Grohe has always been praised for providing long-lasting finishes, it’s no different with the GROHE 19457001 set. It comes with an equally beautiful and durable finish, so full marks on that for the chrome finish.

The set includes a pretty convenient lever handle. It’s easy to set up with the valve trim. Anybody who has no experience in such installment might be able to do this after watching a couple of tutorials but go for the help anyways.

It is meant for the GroheSafe Rough-In Valve and there’s no trouble in this matchmaking. The modern style set supports a wall-mounted setup that leaves only a sleek outlook after installation.

There are also two-way temperature control benefits coming along. You can get the control right according to your needs which is very flexible in real life. Apart from these all nice features, it also showers with a glorious limited lifetime warranty and seals the deal.

What We Think About GROHE 19457001

Lasting beauty with phenomenon starlight chrome brass construction, no doubt that GROHE 19457001 is one of the most gorgeous sets you’ll get for a classic interior inside your shower space. The super-simple installation pretty much adds to its glory and gives you limited lifetime support as a warranty too.

Moen T2153EPBN Brantford Tub and Shower Trim Kit – Best Pick for Long Lasting Service.

The other part of a Moen PosiTemp valve with amazing WaterSense criteria fulfilling design, we are talking about the Moen T2153EPBN that does a good job at water pressure management well as entire performance.

Moen T2153EPBN Brantford Tub and Shower Trim Kit – Best Pick for Long Lasting Service

Key Features

  • Valve required for a complete setup.
  • Nickel finish for a metallic look
  • Future replacement is not necessary for updating the faucet style.
  • Compatible with Brantford Collection.
  • Meets ADA specifications.

More Details on Moen T2153EPBN:

The nickel finish included Moen T2153EPBN really looks simple but stunning when it comes to enhancing shower space. It also gives a very warm and welcoming look that surely excites your visitors and makes them praise your choice.

This kit goes well with the valve 2510, 2590,2570 and 2520. The installation process is not heavy or complicated to do. But you can always go for help when in doubt and it won’t cost you much to do so.

Just like the other model from this series, the Moen T2153EPBN suits well with future faucet enhancement criteria without needing any type of replacement. You can surely go for the update to alter faucet style without requiring much plumbing.

The major area where it rocks is the solid EPA WaterSense criteria the following features. Yes, there’s no performance downgrade and still, you can enjoy water-conserving. It also supports ADA specifications and brings along a limited lifetime warranty support.

What We Think About Moen T2153EPBN

The amazing 1.7 GPM, great price with standard quality, 5-year warranty support as well as easy wall-mounted setup, everything seems to be hailing the Moen T2153EPBN kit. All you need to care about is the shower head pipe size since it sometimes feels short. Apart from that everything makes it a pretty worthy deal for the price.

Kohler K-2973-KS-NA MasterShower Mixing Valve – Best Pick for Safe Water Supply.

The Kohler K-2973-KS-NA impresses highly with its terrific quality, fantastic volume control, and temperature adjustment even with the high price tag. This is a pure choice for those who don’t mind a little bit of price hike for great quality.

Kohler K-2973-KS-NA MasterShower Mixing Valve

Key Features

  • Precise & controlled temperature adjustments.
  • Fantastic flow rate valve.
  • Prevents hazardous scald.
  • Supports k-9633 twin well for diverting bath spout.
  • Single outlet design.

More Details on Kohler K-2973-KS-NA

The Kohler K-2973-KS-NA is a master shower thermostatic valve that comes with an amazing design for a shuttle and shows pure innovation that Kohler brand shines at doing. The precise and consistency of the valve really shows well when you have one at your shower space. The temperature control is one of its pro features that people seem to love a lot.

Coming to the flow rate, users have shown great satisfaction over the Kohler K-2973-KS-NA calling it generous for daily needs. It has proven to be providing enough convenience in a regular shower regime.

The temperature setup is super simple to control and the bather can easily use it while taking a bath without wasting much time. The thermostatic valve really does a great job at water heat management.

Moreover, we have a lot of folks who are sometimes scared of the situation that arrives from unintentional high-temperature setup. Maybe be due to some defect or our own carelessness.

But with Kohler K-2973-KS-NA you have an added limit setting for high temperature. So, this surely gives you better safety and gets rid of such unnecessary circumstances. For safety, the Kohler K-2973-KS-NA also comes with scald danger prevention benefits.

What We Think About Kohler K-2973-KS-NA

Households that might need hot water anytime should have a valve-like Kohler K-2973-KS-NA that can handle the temperature requirement no matter which instance. The pressure might keep differing but that too isn’t a problem once you learn when to turn down the upper valve and even it out. It’s surely a great pick to try.

KOHLER K-304-K-NA Rite-Temp Pressure Balancing Valve – No Scalding, No Freezing, Only Safe Water Supply.

The most comfortable water supply experience that’s also quite safe, KOHLER K-304-K-NA comes with the reputation of preventing scalds and freezing to achieve these results. The water element keeps on providing the perfect pressure-balance behind the scene.

 KOHLER K-304-K-NA Rite

Key Features

  • 2.6 pounds of standard weight.
  • Stainless steel colored valve.
  • Metal made construction.
  • 5 GPM of water consumption and flow rate.
  • Diaphragm designed unit.

More Details on KOHLER K-304-K-NA:

Starting from the initial design of KOHLER K-304-K-NA, we really loved how it comes with features to handle the high temperatures. There’s a limit stop to get rid of any mishap and detect high temperatures to keep bather’s safety in the right zone.

You can enjoy a great comfort option by setting the desired temperature with the valve. It will keep maintaining that temperature and also follow your guideline for detecting maximum temperature.

Some face regular problems that come from contamination and water debris. One of such trouble example is freeze-ups. The KOHLER K-304-K-NA can virtually get rid of any freeze-ups thanks to the diaphragm designed unit.

The installation is also very simple with the instructions. You’ll need no extra part for installation when it comes to universal NPT and direct sweat connections. You can easily maintain the water supply and turn it off at the valve using the screwdriver stops.

There are huge internal ports as well with the valve. So, the user can easily enjoy the fastest bath filling without wasting any time on unnecessary hassles. There are also mounting tabs available. You’ll locate them on rough-in and these basically secure the whole installation process.

You just need to buy the right valve trim and the whole set will be super simple to install together.

What We Think About KOHLER K-304-K-NA:

With a slick temperature adjustment function, smooth performance, and high-quality mechanism, we surely appreciate Kohler for making this amazing valve at this price point. It can serve severally once paired with the right trim and provide fantastic support for high-volume jobs.

How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet (Moen Single Handle Faucet Installation)

Choosing the Bathroom Faucet Fixtures– Factors to Consider.

You know about the best bathroom faucet brands that can provide amazing fixtures, right? So probably picking anyone from these brands will make your purchase smooth. Well, don’t do that! You should have some considerations that are usually individual needs and perspective-oriented. Here are some thoughts to have prior to purchase.

  • What are you willing to pay? Make sure you make a decision in your mind and don’t go overboard. Also don’t just buy anything that seems cheap because it is just about a fixture. Well, no matter what it is, you’ll get what you pay for. Remember that!
  • Figure out the compatibility. Does the fixture match what you are looking for? It should go well with the faucet you are already owning. Otherwise, the installation will be never proper and it won’t fit how the overall thing is supposed to.
  • The fixtures are usually valve trims and handle. In such a case, you should think about the finish of the parts. Is it matching your bathroom wall and design? The golden rule of a perfect fixture is that it does not irritate the overall deco of shower space.
  • The construction quality is also a major point to mull over. A cheap and feeble quality fixture won’t upgrade nor repair. These just simply add another burden over your shoulder that you’ll probably have to deal with after a short period of time once these falls apart. So, respect the quality factor and pay attention to it.
  • It’s also good to have warranty support, future faucet up-gradation enablement, and premium installation in your ideal option to buy.


What type of bathroom faucet is best?

There’s nothing completely best. You can enjoy maximum varieties when it comes to bathroom faucets such as center set, widespread, wall-mounted, single hole, and many…

All of these types are best in their own way. You have to figure out what you’re interested in and make a purchase. That’s how to find the best one suitable for you.

How to install?

Well, there should be installation instructions coming along with these parts. You need to follow them exactly and it’s usually quite easy to do it yourself. However, if you are confused, go for help from a professional plumber.


It looks like now you have pretty much an idea about some of the best bathroom faucet brands that come with amazing fixture deals for up-gradation and repairing. Don’t focus on only cheap and expensive points while making a choice, do give importance to other factors as well.

Good Luck with Finding the Right Model!

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