Battery Backup to an Existing Sump Pump

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Sump pump will work for you to keep your house safe from flooding. Installation of either battery backup or battery backup sump pump is easier and more affordable than buying new one.  

There are two options for you as a backup for your sump pump. One is battery backup to your existing sump pump and the other one is a battery backup sump pump with the current sump pump. Now we will provide information regarding the benefits of these two types, and we hope this will be instrumental for you to figure out which one you need.

Battery backup to an existing sump pump

Advantage of adding battery backup;

 Only battery backup will be helpful as an alternative of power supply. If you face power outage at your home, this going to be effective for you by ensuring your pump is running all the time.

Advantages of adding battery backup sump;

  • Works as backup of power supply
  • Works effectively as backup if your current sump cannot function normally.
  • Works as extra protection during the rainy days.
  • It is very easy to install.

Process of adding battery backup with the current sump pump:

First things first, you need to buy some tools. These are a battery, battery case, battery cable and AC/DC connector.

Set up your battery that you buy on the wall, and it should be as close as possible to electrical outlet. Be aware that using extension cord to provide power to the battery will not be a good choice.

After setting up the battery on the wall, connect the battery cable with electrical outlet. You have to keep switch in off state. See that there are two different colors in the cable one is red other one is black the former is for positive and the latter is for negative. So connect the red cable to the positive and black cable to the negative.

The connection assists to charge the battery and complete the task of transformation of AC/DC capacity. Incorporate the cable of the pump with AC connector and another one with the power source of AC.

At last in order to check whether all the works that you accomplish went well or not just disconnect your primary sump pump from electricity, then check if it works.

Battery Backup  Sump Pump

Installing process of backup battery sump pump:

New battery backup sump pump would be better option as it works as alternative in case of the failure of primary sump pump.

You will require to arrange PVC pipe, check valve, float switch and battery for installing a backup battery sump pump.

The discharge line:

At first, find the way of how you are going to connect discharge lines with your current sump pump and with your backup sump pump.  Connect main discharge line with primary sump pump. Connect the backup pipeline with a battery backup sump pump and make sure it is set up at a 45-degree angle.

Now you need to connect Y-Connector with the primary sump pump. Thereafter, you need to use Check Valve by placing it under the Y-Connector. The Check Valve will do its task by making sure that water does not flow between the two pumps.

 Installing process

  • Position your backup and existing sump pump as much close as possible, but ensure that they do not touch each other.
  • Connect discharge lines.
  • Now placed the float switch above the primary sump pump for new backup sump pump. Now your task is choosing a water level where you believe that battery backup would be activated. Thereafter, you need to attach Float Switch to discharge line.
  • Plug the battery backup charger.

Test of installation

To test whether everything done correctly, just unplug your main plug, and if the water level is under than the requirement, pour some more water.

Relevant questions and answers

What are the differences between submersible and pedestal sump pump?

The two most popular types of sump pumps are submersible and pedestal sump pumps.

A submersible pump placed in the sump pit, whereas the motor of the other type of pump placed at the top of a column of 2 or 3 feet tall, and the base of the is in the sump pit.

Life expectancy for a pedestal pump is longer than a submersible pump. It is 2 to 5 times longer than the submersible pump.

How to know if your sump pump is working?

Fill your sump pump pit with water. After filling it with water, the float trigger will start working  and will commence to drain. The pump will drain water within a few minutes and it will automatically stop after finishing its task. If something does not go like this, probably you require a plumber so that they can check what went wrong with your sump pump.

What can we do if sump pump does not stop after finishing its work?

There is no more water in your sump pit, but your sump pump keeps running. Such a situation can be detrimental to your system. This problem creates because of float trigger stuck. If float trigger comes in touch of water, it automatically signals the system to commence draining.

But, in case of float trigger gets stuck, it cannot come to its original position, and thereby it will continue to run. You just need to check whether you can back it into position or remove dirt that obstructing float trigger to do its task normally.

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